What makes better quality animation in an anime?


For example a film like Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust, or Ghost in the Shell have very high quality animation, but you can find better animation in stuff like Spirited Away/Macross Zero/Blood the Last Vampire.

Now they’re all rendered.

What makes the quality better? Is it how much you render it?

What if you took one of those movies and doubled its renderdness?

It’s very hard to put my question into words. I gues I am just asking why with rendered anime, are some rendered at better quality than others?

What if for example you re-rendered one of them with better quality render? i.e (crank up the renderness).


In anime, what really differentiate is the 2D animation part of the thing done inside, it’s not all 3D and cel shaded., Like in Macross Zero, if i remember correctly, the characters are 2D and not 3D. Besides that story is also quite important. A beautiful anime with no story, not many people would want to watch.


different styles. different ammounts of money going to produce it. some may look beautiful, but cut corners when it comes to the animation.


Without watching those films side by side, I’m not sure what you mean by “quality”. Image quality, frame rate or direction/point of view? I remember the images in Spirited Away had higher contrasts in their colors – bright skin tones and dark backgrounds, while (I think) Vampire Hunter D was all pretty dark.


you have to crank up the renderness WAY up if you want good results. Why do you think finding nemo is good? cause it has high renderness.

Does anyone know where renderness setting is in xsi?


I found the create > jurassic park , but still no renderness?

help please


You’re looking in the wrong place. Its here. Render > Make My Stuff Pretty > Options > Renderness


Dammit, Sheep, you’re really on a roll today! :smiley:

I’ve tried high renderness settings in C4D every once in a while, but it seems to make the rendering very slow. Fake renderness is the only way in a production situation, IMHO.


I just use the “Make Art” button. :shrug:


I can’t really put it into word except, “More better rendereness”.

Like is you took spirited away, and took everything that was rendered and cranked up the render quality, and then made it into HD-DVD quality. Would it look different?


PIXAR uses a proprietary renderness technique, so you won’t find the same one in XSI. I hear the Shrek2 renderness engine will be available on the market soon, though.


There’s always Cebas’ ‘Final Renderness’ too, if you want to go for an external alternative.


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Most of the work in the films you mentioned is 2D hand made…So, I just don’t understand the render question. They have beatiful images because they were great artists involved in the process, both 2D and 3D.

softwares come and go…


hey guys, what he wants to know its if you can re-render a render, that has already been render in the renderness option, whats the problem with that? we where all newbies once werent we…


Do I smell a new CG vocabulary word?

Im not sure how the animation in Spirited Away/Macross Zero/Blood the Last Vampire is better than that in Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust or Ghost in the Shell, but to simplify, Ill compare the animation of feature film animation compared to television animation. Flucuating budgets means the following can differ between feature films as well but to a lesser degree.

Ill substitute the word “Renderness” with quality or aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. Id say the a lot of it depends on the framerates and production time. To save time on smaller productions, like tv shows, animators cut corners to save time and money. They do a lot of single-frame/move-the-camera-around kind of stuff and just animate the lips moving and nothing else. Alot of its also shot on the least number of frames possible to appear like continuous movement, like maybe 4 drawings per second.

Feature films on the other hand, with lots more money and time, can afford to animate the entire character talking, and in turn ACTING, rather than just they lips moving. The animation tends to look better too due to the higher frame rates they can afford to shoot, like 15 drawings per second rather than 8, and sometimes only 2 or 3 like in television.

Big anime films also tend to look better due to the fact that studios have the time and money to render shadows and highlights on objects rather than the more flat single tone colors you see in television shows.


I also mean, why does a CG dinosaur in Jurrasic park look not as good as something rendered for LOTR?

The simple answer is more renderness.

That’s why WETA got all those IBM blades, because they needed more render power.


Hmm I think it might be just bad translation of a word he didnt have in the first place? :slight_smile:

Try, pre-rendered 3D CG vs 2D CG Cel shading in anime, which is better?


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