What makes a good demoreel?


These days i’ve learned rigging concepts and now i am able to create rigs for characters(squash &stretch,ik/fk switching).I heard that rigging jobs are not given to freshers.I just want to know if it is correct or not.Almost everyone implements the same rules for rigging demoreel.Then what makes the me outstanding from the others.Is it only scripting or anything else?How should i be prepared to enter the industry as fresher?
Thanks in advance.


There are absolutely plenty of intern/graduate/trainee level jobs - so dont be scared off!

With regards to demo reel’s, you’re right - there are a lot of general standards, so showing that stuff going through the motions does not really create anything stand-out. However, that does not mean its not enough for an entry level position, you just have to think of more interesting ways of presenting it. For instance, I prefer to see blog’s over reels - as a blog can show a video of the rig but it also gives you the chance to show an employer that you really understand what it is you have made.

Information such as techniques used to create a result/mechanism. Why you chose to expose certain pieces of functionality etc. It gives a potential employer a much greater confidence in your abilities if you can show you’re able to explain what you have created. As a rigger you’re not expected to be an animator, but having well animated clips demonstrating your rig can help it stand out and more importantly show that other people are animating your rigs and you have not worked in complete isolation.

So, in summary, as a graduate you dont need the most amazing technical reel you can imagine… but you do need to stand out - and for that show you really understand everything you’re showing.

I hope that helps - and good luck!



think it also depends if you are aiming fir a big highend studio or a smaller one… if you are using native rigging tools with a little help from python scripting or using crazy math nodes to make everything work… like the cultofrig.com rigs…