what lighting kit best for HD?


I bought hvx 200 panasonic P2, but dont know what kind of lighting kit to buy,
mainly i need indoor,mobile lights for (documentary,news) interviews on different locations.
what kind of lights, or if u have any specific solution and a place to buy online or in or around vancouver bc.


Sorry to be vague, but it’s really a matter of preference.

Halogen kits - various manufacturers include Arri, Lowel, DeSisti, Mole Richardson, etc. Mid-range pricing of a couple hundred to a couple thousand dollars. Lighting is gonna be around 3200k - interior lighting ONLY unless you wanna reproduce a sunset ro do cross lighting tricks.

Flourescent kits - getting more expensive here - several hundred quickly and EASILY jumps to couple thousand for various kits. Again, Arri, Lowel, Mole Richardson, Kino-Flo. The major benefit in flourescent (well, there’s a couple) are that they generally use less power, put off less heat, and you can get 3200k AND 5000-5600k bulbs (daylight balanced). Another benefit is that you can use the same color tubes in an environment where flourescent lighting is dominant - this way your white balance will match all around for even light color.

HMIs… You’re gonna START in the low thousands for a single 500w-ish light… And it just goes up from there… 5600k bulbs only (that I know of - haven’t checked recently).

Now there IS a growing number of sort of cross products out - halogen-like fixtures that use variants of flourescent bulbs. This way you can get 3200k-5600k bulbs to match the environment of your project/scene/job, they cost less - think in terms of Halogen kits - and they’re smaller and more manageable, as well as being able to use many of the light modification tools available for halogen kits - soft boxes.

As for buying in Vancouver, I don’t know - I get most of my stuff from B&H in NY, and the occasional head from local places or ebay.

Hope this helps - and happy shooting-
-Lew :wink:


thanks for reply i think i will go with Flourescent lighting kit.
for the time being i need lights for studio enviornment, I shoot the host in front of a blue screen and shoot the other stuff like interviews,event covering in ENG style outdoors or in busy enviornment where i dont have time to set up the lights and sometime no space available…so i will use on camera anton bauer speed light .
and for my other food show i need to lit up a kitchen set with 2 hosts…here i will need to set up 5000k to 5600k 3 point soft lighting.i think keno and chimara box will help here…
thanks again


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