What kind of courses to take?


I am looking at schools to teach me lots about 3d modeling, animation, rendering etc. I feel like I want to eventually work on visual effects for movies. I don’t know what courses I would look for though. I am a huge beginner. 2 weeks modeling so far, but I feel I am really blowing through stuff quickly. Grabbing concepts easily and being able to recreate lots of things.

My hand drawn artwork isn’t that good, but I can draw a point across. I am studying anatomy on my free time to improve my art talents.

I am looking for a school that can introduce me to the basics to some advanced work. Preferably a college in southern California.

Any ideas of colleges, or the types of courses I should be looking for?


Here is one of my recent models I am working on. http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=43&t=822902


UCLA, USC, CalArts.

Take a look at the programs at those schools. I think Gnomon is also in the area.


I looked at UCLA, couldn’t find a course. Looked at USC, couldn’t find a course. I spent at least an hour looking on each website for a course, but couldn’t find one. USC’s website is sort of confusing. As well as CalArts. I don’t see anything like Visual Effect Design, or 3D Animation/Modeling. I don’t know exactly the title of the programs.

As for Gnomon, I am definitely doing workshops there, but not school. I’m looking for a college with dorms (since Cali was way expensive).

[Edit] Found some stuff in UCLA, but I don’t have a portfolio. I think I’ll take some art classes over the summer, make me a portfolio of traditional art to some 3D models/animations, and then apply for Gnomon and get a roommate somewhere. Sounds like a workable plan.


Is this what you’re looking for?





Experimental Animation - http://calarts.edu/docs/pdf/cd0910.pdf


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