What is Zbrush?


Hi, lately I have heard a lot of people using zbrush and wanted to check it out. My question is more for people who have used it. Does it have a renderer? I use XSI, should i bother with zbrush? Would you consider it a good modeller? Does it work with XSI?
I better stop now or i’ll ask a 100 questions :slight_smile:
Thanks for any info about the program


Probably been discussed before here but I’ll answer…Yes, it has a really nice rendering engine (no animation though), It’s totally compatable with XSI and yes it’s a good modeler but most people use it to detail their models that they’ve done in another package. Bascially, you create your lower poly mesh in XSI, import it into Zbrush2 and use it’s sculpting like tools to ad the small details you want that would otherwise be difficult with XSI…for instance cracks in the skin, bumps, things like that. Then you can have Z create a displacement map to use with XSI to save on rendering time. It’s also an amazing 2d tool too, great for painting and you can textur your models with by painting directly onti the model. Well worth the money in my opinion. Just go to www.zbrush.com to see the main features ,and browse the pictures and posts at www.zbrushcentral.com to get a better grasp of it’s concepts.



Thanks for the info pnoland :thumbsup:


Zbrush is worth looking into. Its like a 3d paint program. Its not at all the same a s any other 3d app. Modeling in zbrush is like sculpting with digital silly putty. TAkes a while for some people to get used to though because its mostly what the cal 1.5d not 3d or 2d. bUt for just modling or detailing a model there is nothing else like it. (When working on a model its true 3d)


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