What is your favorite mouse for maya


My mice are getting a bit old and I was wondering what everyone else likes. I personally don’t like scroll wheel mice. I have been using a three button hp mouse without a scroll wheel <Link>, similar in shape to the old SGI mice. Its a nice mouse, but the new laser mice track quite a bit better. I was wondering if anyone has spotted a three button laser?


they are hard to find. But check this out



my wacom tablet ! :love: for everything …


In addition to your mouse, you might want to check out the SpacePilot 3D mouse.
I bought a used one on Ebay and have become very fond of it.


logi mx518. I use tablets on occasion but it’s more efficient with a mouse.


Hey Ryan, I’m still using my trusty logitech 3-button mouse, but I know it is getting near the end of its life. I’ve tried so many wheel mice and hated them all. My younger co-workers assure me that you get used to the wheel, but I dont even think I want to.

I have been planning to see if I could hack a modern optical mouse and remove that anoying wheel, or better still rip the guts out and squeeze it into the logitec casing.

Don, thanks for that link. It looks really interesting. Have you actually used one? This might be exactly what the doctor ordered :wink:

– David


Nope havent used it, but funny you should word it like that as it is listed for use in highly sterlie environments such as Hospitals, Surgeries, etc.


i have come accustomed to using my Razer DeathAdder in maya. the high sensitivity is actually really nice compared to the “mighty mice” on the mac pro’s at school.


I use a Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 7000:


Ever since I used the much older Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer I’ve become addicted to mice with two buttons on the side! In Maya I have one button assigned to Spacebar for the Hotbox and switching viewports, and the other button set to Alt so that I can pan/dolly/tumble using the mouse alone. I also like the shape and the weight of it.

The thing I don’t like about it is the scroll wheel. It’s considerably harder to click down than on any other mouse I’ve used. It also scrolls things way too fast, even on the slowest setting.

I’m pretty happy with it though, used in combination with a Wacom.


I’ve tested or owned quite a few mice, and my absolute favorite out of all of them is the basic boring Microsoft Intellimouse 1.1. Specifically this one:


I prefer the two buttons on each side, but the versions (in the same family) without them feel the same click-wise.

To me, the click pressure is perfect. The scroll wheel doesn’t freely spin (it clicks) so it prevents accidental scrolling when panning in Maya. The pressure required for the middle click is also just right that you don’t accidentally click when you want to scroll.

The newer MS mice have that squishy smooth tilt/scroll wheel. To me they have too loose of a feeling in Maya.

It seems like a lot of the newer mice (especially Logitech ones) require way too much pressure for the scroll wheel click. My hand starts to hurt within the hour on those.


i never use a mouse, once i started to work with my wacom i never wend back to a mouse.


i just love the wacom ( fits my screen perfectly )


I’m going to go with the tablet as well…it takes some getting used to but once you’re used to it you’ll never go back to the rodent. I only use it when i’m on the net. Other than that, i’m using a tablet. If you’re set on a mouse, I would recommend the ergo model here…



I’d have to suggest a Wacom tablet here as well…for everything. It’s hard to beat!


One year ago I was suffering severe pain in my wrist.
So I decided to save my wrist and I ended up using an Evoluent Vertical Mouse 3. Never went back to “horizontal” mouses and my wrist is happier than ever.



i would like to use the wacom more but i cant seem to pan the screen jus zoom an orbit


Another vote for the Wacom! I use it for everything now and only pick up the mouse if I have to. You just have to set the rocker buttons to middle and right click, and I set the driver to “Click & Tap” Works perfectly for viewport navigation and everything else!

A friend just picked up a normal Bamboo for $69 from Best Buy, so they aren’t much more than the hi-end mice either.


Another vote for Razer Deathadder.

Most confortable and most accurate mouse I’ve ever used.


I use contour perfit mouse. Pricey but it’s worth it.


Comes in many sizes and has 3 buttons.


You’ve gotta set one of the rocker buttons to middle mouse in the tablet settings.

and yes, my favourite mouse is my wacom.


I’ve never used a wacom with a mouse, but in my old job, I had a wacom and got used to doing everything with it. I vastly preferred it to a mouse. I would have gotten rid of my mouse entirely if my system admin allowed me to (he couldn’t do anything with the pen).