What Is The Matrix? [morpheus], Ned The Djed (3D)


great work :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


This looks so much more real than the digital Neo that they used in some of the fight sequences of The Matrix: Reloaded. They should have had you do Neo!


man, i remeber seeing this aages ago. cant beleive its still going!!


excellent skills, but pitty he modeled from something as lame as the Matrix


:eek: :eek: … wow:applause: simply amazing


Relly nice work, good textures, good model, good result… :slight_smile:



Man, that´s unbelievable, the modeling, the textures, everything is so damn good.You´re God.


Incredible, did you work on the movie “The Matrix”? :smiley:


Amazin work!!!:beer:


Its when I see work like this that makes me want to get involved with CG. Your work is amazing. I want to kiss your feet.


Originally posted by RayMan53
Its when I see work like this that makes me want to get involved with CG. Your work is amazing. I want to kiss your feet.


:thumbsup: So greaaaaaaaaat that I hardly believe what I’ve seen!!!Man You got it!!!:bounce:


the tie, u can tell it’s 3d cus’ of the tie (plastic)


you left me breathless! amazing!




Real? What is real? how do you define real? If it’s something you can smell, or touch, then real is just, electric signals interperted by your brain…
Wow, great work man… I dislocated my jaw after viewing your website… You should’ve worked for WB! :frowning: They used 3d models for all their fight scenes and such, from the second movie on… :wink: should have finished this earlier, and they might have just hired you :slight_smile:


great, the jacket looks nice and solid


It looks good, but it’s not worth all the positive critiques I feel, although it looks good, it’s mainly because you used projections, just project an image on a mesh to make it look like the real thing. It’s also the image used for the promotional posters I believe… you may want to look at this link:


We are just looking at a picture, projected on a mesh, not at a piece of 3D, how good it may look.

Credit goes to Mihai Angelescu who actually did texturing and shading.

Although I feel you cheated on shading/texturing, you were good on your way with the modeling… Just tweak some more, the chin for example should be adjusted a little, also the forehead needs ajustment… mostly in the depth axis ofcourse…


Are you working for any movie company?

you are so good!
Keep going!:thumbsup:


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