what is the hour when we see the announcements


Do u know the hour of the announcements for the newCinema release? I’m here till 16 CET


Hmm… it’s only half past four in the morning in LA right now… :hmm:


What hour will siggraph open today?


Hmm, I’m guessing it will be somewhen in afternoon in LA, so we in Europe will have to wait till evening… :hmm:



then one more day, okay, thank u




hehe, i’d get out more if i were you :slight_smile:


I’ve been told that the exhibition will be open at 10 am pacific time / 6 pm gmt.



one more info: http://www.luxology.com/modo/


Damn it, it really looks very cool… what do you think?



$695 for modo limited time, then $895 :eek: :eek: :eek:


But too expensive, compared to silo and XSI.


Yep, I thought I saw the price, but it was something else… I dont know where the price is as well! :rolleyes:



where did you see the price?



modo will be available in early September through Luxology and its worldwide partners. modo will ship on a single disc supporting both Mac OS X and Windows. modo will sell for a suggested retail price of USD $895, with a limited-time introductory price of USD $695.


thanks… must say after seeing their quicktimes, it looks very impressive… hope cinema will introduce some of their features


Second that!


Agree, I like its simply and clean interface, looks really great…!!



another 30 minutes or what?


Don’t know, maybe one hour and a half.
Waiting is really painful. :smiley: