What is the difference between the Reflection Types in Cinema 4D?


When I searched on internet I realized there is no easy answer for this question because I can create a human skin reflection a few ways. But then how can I tell someone who never used reflection before that, witch Reflect type shod use, on witch Type of object? I can t just say “There is no easy answer and test all by yourself”! (It is the correct answer but there is got to be a basic start for this.)


What reflection types do you mean – those in the Reflectance channel? I gather that GGX is best used for metals, while Beckman is mainly for everything else. In very simple terms.


Check the help tab and search reflectance. Should explain it all there.


I saw the C4D help but that isn t the kind of help I need. Like example the Anisotropic is for a metal tube or a CD not for that mask. Some part of the C4D help like this is not too obvious as shod.


That was helpful but it gives me another question.
Is Backman and Reflection (Legacy) are the same Reflection?
I maked just a few test but I think it is…


There are some good video overviews online if you google cinema 4d reflectance

here is one. There are many others