What, is the CGTalk finally dead?


But the forum is at least still available. It just needs some professionals talking :wink:

My observation over many years on the matter: Communities lives from the beginners and advanced users. The beginners contributes 95% of the questions. The advanced users answers 95% of the questions. And leave at one point because there is no benefit and gain left for them anymore. That’s a pretty normal behaviour at a community page. And all is fine as long as enough newbies arrives that progresses from beginner to advanced. Usually a user at a community page is active for 3 to 5 years.

The fatal part is that fewer and fewer beginners enters forum communities in general. Which is nowadays also pretty normal, in all forum based communities. You find your answers at Youtube, Facebook, etc. . A forum as a community is just one of many possibilities nowadays. It has become a niche. And most question are answered already.

But i don’t think that a forum community in general will ever become obsolete. Google can just find what exists. And that’s in big parts still forum posts.

That the current forum software here sucks in many ways is another matter then …


If you guys need any new place, I am willing to happily contribute in any way.


It’s a shame. I’ve been using the forum for years. Whenever I had a problem that I wasn’t able to solve I always found a new lead to follow here in the forums. Did I contribute much? No, but that’s also because there are almost always people around with more knowledge who give better answers than me - I think you guys have been maneuvering yourself into a corner a little bit because everyone expected some of the gurus will jump in.
That said, I don’t think a new forum will solve that issue. The maxscript knowledge that is “preserved” here won’t be recreated somewhere else. If this forum dies, new scripters will have a much harder time.
The new design is awful and I rarely look into the forums anymore because of that. I find it confusing and frustrating.


New site design is shockingly bad, and the site was already going downhill beforehand with bizarre decisions being made by admins concerning the removal of certain features. Not to mention the fact that people are flocking to social media rather than forums nowadays anyways, so instead of changes to the site resulting in the attraction of new users, they’re simply causing old users to become more frustrated and leave.


For my part, I would not mind trying. Do you have any way to do it?


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