What, is the CGTalk finally dead?


Yeah I wonder why they removed that (registered/postcount/frequency/karma), I always appreciated that information on whichever forum I visited. Removing that is (in a way) like removing experience from your CV. I think the social media aspect is a great point, I’ve never thought about that, but I see the same kind of thing seemingly happening everywhere

You might be right about 3dsMax, I just get the impression more and more people are getting sick of Autodesk (with good reason imo). I know that studios still use Maya and 3dsMax, but I’ve also heard about some of the smaller studios talking about switching to Blender as their main package. There’s so many alternatives, people already do a lot of stuff outside of their main 3d software (like retopo, texturing, uv’s, simulations etc). I don’t know

Anyway, it really sucks that the incentive for people like yourselves is gone. I would imagine similar issues has been raised around here, I wonder why they havent tried to turn the ship in the right direction :pensive:


even a non-coder like me would give you 2 thumbs up Doc.

Dunno what it is with the new design, I used to have a peek in the maxscript forum now and then…even as a non-coder…you could still learn something…but now I don’t anymore…it’s something in the new/shitty ‘design’…

Looks like it’s all downhill from here.



The “Traffic Analysis” is meaningful. September is just when the forum’s design changed.
But I’m really sure that this is not the real problem but something that has reinforced the general feeling.


Hi guys, I’ve registered today on this website as my first impression was… huge ammount of content, neat UI, solid web over the years… so yeah, I thought this would be a great site to enjoy asking/answering about maxscript/maxplus or max programming topics and then I’ve found this thread :frowning:

Sad thing is, from what I’ve researched so far:

  • Scriptspot is broken
  • Stackoverflow/Tags tags about maxplus/maxscript/… are really low traffic
  • In the autodesk forums about maxscript & programming you’ll see countless of topics unreplied for months and the forum interface is slow as hell and doesn’t meet the standard of quality of modern website anymore
  • Unexisting irc channels about max programming at all

So it seems to me like this site has a good chance to become THE choice when it comes to ask/answer about max programming stuff… anyway, let’s see how it goes :wink:


As I said this forum and this branch specifically need new life. It’s definitely the best resource of MaxScript, but there are new challenges in the MAX tools development today - c++ SDK, MaxPlus, Python, Qt.
But, unfortunately, activity on this forum falls for objective and subjective reasons. And this is sad…


Hope that the user stats will also come back eventually.


I guess the powers that be saw the downward trend before Sept and thought…well maybe a revamped look (in Sept) would reverse the trend…but that’s like ‘lipstick on a pig’…(btw, pigs are beautiful creatures by themselves already…putting lipstick on them is just a monstrosity that only humans would dream up)


I for one, don’t really like this new “shiny” new look :stuck_out_tongue:. Feels much harder to read and follow topics, also the questions most of the times have been answer many many times before.
Another thing, is that I’m moving more and more out of 3ds Max, for many reasons. Not related to the “possible” Autodesk future, since that no one knows, and I don’t want to start another war. But exclusion from the Beta, “lost” some of my AD friends for “unknown” reasons, and the state of Max and rental, it just doesn’t appeal to us. I still try to visit and help on other channels when I can, but we are just moving to other DCC.

Happy New Year everyone,
Daniel Santana


Same sentiment here, still check in here from time to time but it indeed looks like the fountain of knowledge is drying up :frowning: I guess a big part moved over to various Facebook groups, which is a shame since it doesn’t create an archive, and thoughtfull discussions, like a forum does.

Other then that, DCC wise see a lot of people, including yours truly, move to greener pastures. The whole pricing of the autodesk move to rental doesn’t really work out for indies and small studios so if the customer base shifts more to the big studios the users probably aren’t even connected to the internet, let along hang around here.

Anyways, those are my 2cents…

Best wishes to everyone!


I felt like there just wasn’t as much interest in Max plugins anymore. My sales dropped off for a while, and I wasn’t sure how the subscription-only format would affect SDK. Plus now there’s that whole creation graph thing which I haven’t even had a chance to look at yet.

I’ve been spending most of my time this last year split between web work and learning Unity so I can finally start making my own games. Now I’m starting my own business, preparing to launch a kickstarter, etc.

I do still have some plugin ideas that I would like to make happen at some point.


For me it’s mostly the new forum/site design
I visit here every day ( main Max section ) for a short glance, but the new layout and forum organization kills my motivation to take part in any discussion. Don’t know. maybe i should have a deeper look to adjust some settings so that the forum organization is moree similar to the old sub-forum tree, but i think that’s not even possible…
Have to commit that i’m not doing much Max development currently, which is another reason to be quiet here


don’t bother with MCG anymore…not because I don’t like MCG but because Autodesk hasn’t bothered with its dev anymore…

I now find Houdini Engine far more powerful…sure it’s in its infancy…but still bloody powerful. My MCG basket I could do it with round strips but not with rectangular strips…coz of orientations going wonky…yeah you guessed it…done it fine in Houdini with rectangular strips…can easily produce an asset for Houdini Engine running inside Max.

but I won’t do a song and dance about Houdini’s other features…never a fanboi of any software.


There could be a lot of small reasons for the decline of this forum but I don’t think there is one definitive one.

Could be a demographic shift in users. Our new crop of young employees are somewhat less curious in creating new scripts for themselves. There is definitely the expectation of things just working out of the box. There is also more automation in software now then there was before, so maybe interest in solving problems programatically is less ingrained than when almost everything needed to be “programmed” (I use this term loosely, anything that is not GUI is considered programming by most not familiar with some form of coding ). Even explaining simple batch/cmd scripts is met with blank stares.

Tighter deadlines, less room for exploration. Fewer companies are willing to invest into scripting in general as availability of plugins to do the work or get close to the desired result are abundant. General trend of the disappearing middle, there are less middle sized companies and more small companies operating on the edge and large companies with enough resources/expertise to develop entirely in-house (proprietary script/production pipelines are closely guarded). We don’t have a dedicated scripter/developer/programmer, I started doing it purely out of necessity to meet deadlines.

Maxscript or any 3d program script is a very niche specialization. General brain-drain from 3d programming community, we are not replacing people who retired. Social media startups are more attractive in terms of pay / perks. Much easier to learn javascript than 3d math and C++. General decline in STEM education, although this is on recovery with a more recent generation.

Mixture of extremely experienced users and inexperienced users creates friction, new would-be users leave for different sources. Questions asked are either of really high difficulty or really simple (answerable by maxscript reference). Mid-level users feel intimidated to answer question, even though they have greater ability to empathize with new users and explain issues in less technical accessible terms. This is endemic of general programming community.

I can only speak for myself.
This forum is my second go to resource for maxscript next to the official maxscript help. I barely have enough knowledge of maxscirpt to pose a question let alone answer them, I certainly don’t want to lead someone down the wrong path. I try to answer when I can but mostly the day to day works keeps me pretty busy.


But the forum is at least still available. It just needs some professionals talking :wink:

My observation over many years on the matter: Communities lives from the beginners and advanced users. The beginners contributes 95% of the questions. The advanced users answers 95% of the questions. And leave at one point because there is no benefit and gain left for them anymore. That’s a pretty normal behaviour at a community page. And all is fine as long as enough newbies arrives that progresses from beginner to advanced. Usually a user at a community page is active for 3 to 5 years.

The fatal part is that fewer and fewer beginners enters forum communities in general. Which is nowadays also pretty normal, in all forum based communities. You find your answers at Youtube, Facebook, etc. . A forum as a community is just one of many possibilities nowadays. It has become a niche. And most question are answered already.

But i don’t think that a forum community in general will ever become obsolete. Google can just find what exists. And that’s in big parts still forum posts.

That the current forum software here sucks in many ways is another matter then …


If you guys need any new place, I am willing to happily contribute in any way.


It’s a shame. I’ve been using the forum for years. Whenever I had a problem that I wasn’t able to solve I always found a new lead to follow here in the forums. Did I contribute much? No, but that’s also because there are almost always people around with more knowledge who give better answers than me - I think you guys have been maneuvering yourself into a corner a little bit because everyone expected some of the gurus will jump in.
That said, I don’t think a new forum will solve that issue. The maxscript knowledge that is “preserved” here won’t be recreated somewhere else. If this forum dies, new scripters will have a much harder time.
The new design is awful and I rarely look into the forums anymore because of that. I find it confusing and frustrating.


New site design is shockingly bad, and the site was already going downhill beforehand with bizarre decisions being made by admins concerning the removal of certain features. Not to mention the fact that people are flocking to social media rather than forums nowadays anyways, so instead of changes to the site resulting in the attraction of new users, they’re simply causing old users to become more frustrated and leave.


For my part, I would not mind trying. Do you have any way to do it?


Well I guess some things change. It was probably around 2004 when I joined after I first started scripting. Back then it was all Bobo and Swami Lama. This site was an incredible resource and something that helped me transition from the delicate beginner to the rank amateur I am today. I don’t tend to script anymore.

The simple fact is it’s harder and harder to process the internet background noise for meaningful content.


After just few weeks using this forum I must to say the experience has been great:

  • UI is great, you can post code in a similar way than StackOverflow, that should be the bare minimum for modern web responsive Q&A or coding forums nowadays
  • All my questions have been answered so far, I’ve been using Stackoverflow for couple of years and I know for sure those type of questions wouldn’t have been answered that fast unless given high bounties
  • People who answered my questions have been really nice and polite, so even if this a forum it’s not the typical forum where kids messing around

In summary, I must to say I really like this forum so far and each time I’ve got new questions when coding my max stuff this will be the first place to try before the other sites. :wink: