What is the best program or plug ins for cloth


I want to know What is the best program or plug ins for Maya to make clothes ?




I’m not really sure if Marvelous is the best choice if you utilize Maya. It has another Chinese plugin, which has a better physics simulation.
Marvelous Designer was never built with complex clothes simulation and movement in mind. It’s primarily for clothes designers, with simple character walks. It’s very restrictive to what it can calculate. Forget about any intersecting meshes, as it will chew it inside, and good luck fixing it.
Also, it won’t calculate many layers of clothes correctly. You will have to turn underlying layers into static, and calculate it over.
It’s not a piece of cake, unless you use it for modeling.


Marvelous designer and Clo3D are most used.

MArvelous designer is aimed at vfx/animation/cgi while Clo3D is more aimed at actual professional fashion design