what is the best + cheap HD camera with exchangeable lens ?


cheap means around 10,000 to 15,000$ …i am looking for HD… i am looking at panasonic hvx 200 p2 but i need little bit more than that…
like shoulder mount plus exchangeable lens…
any ideas…
thanks for your help…


Hey… How are you?

15k it´s enough to make a decent combo with the HVX200.

I don´t think that the option to change lenses in a 1/3" cameras is very important. First of all, because those lenses are very, and I mean… very expensive. And they are still video lenses.

So… if you are into lenses. I would go for a 35mm adapt. And a few second hand (in VG condition) 35mm lenses, let´s say Nikon. I have a Redrock M2, and I´m very very happy with it. But you still got another brands that are pretty good 2 (like Letus, Brevis, SgPro, etc).

So, if you get an HVX200, 2 16gb P2 Cards, 35mm adaptor, a few lenses and let´s say that you also get a shoulder rig (like the Cavision). You can get all this for less than 15k.

You are going to be very happy. Believe me.

Anyways, I hope this helps.


yup…i want to be a very happy man…and if it is under 15K i am going for it…can u mention any online store to buy this stuff…
thanks for the input…


for the M2 adaptor you can go to www.redrockmicro.com
the’ve an online store, and a active board with users sharing their opinions.


what´s up?

Yes… that Redrock link is correct. They have a 25% sale for christmas, so it´s a good time to buy a package.

About the HVX200. Look on the Panasonic site, they use to have some kind of rebate. Or an accesory that they gave with the camera if you buy it to an official distributor (like a P2 card or a battery). So maybe that way you can save a few bucks or at least get something else for the same $.
There are also some places with good combo prices, like Expandore. Just google a bit.

For lenses? Ebay is a great start, just be more carefull. Also KEH, Adorama and B&H have a good used and items section.

I have a 20mm f2.8, 24mm f2.8, 28mm f2.8, 35mm f1.4, 50mm f1.4, 85mm f1.4 and an 80-200mm f2.8 zoom. All Nikon. They are all great lenses, I just find the 24mm a bit soft.

I hope this all helps.

Good luck bro…


thanks a lot…


If you want to work with a great camera for a long time and several projects, than buy the Red Camera for around 60.000 Dollar. If you rent it for 100 Dollar a day, you’ll get your money back easily and still have the revolutionary system for youself.
Klick on:


i looked at that camera …very beautifull…but i am making documentries and small budget tv serials so i dont need that much expensive thing right now plus i need two of them sometimes…so hvx200 is good for now i think…but i will cosider it may be 2 years from now…
thanks …


hello, i bought hvx200a, and ordered redrock micro matte box,
and now after the tripod, i will go for m2, should i buy the flip module and accept the light loss, or stick with flipped image and unflipp it in post and save some light consumption?


You will lose around 0.5 stops with the microx flip.
You will gain a significal boost in edge to edge sharpness and less vignetting.
I dont think a 0.5 stop loss is a problem at all.
happy purchasing. Can only recommend it!


I’ve got the JVC HD110 and love it - but knowing I want to shoot most of my stuff with my RedRock setup I would’ve gone with more of a brick camera like the Panasonic HVX200.

However, if I had the money - and it sounds like this is still in your limits - if I had $15k I’d be getting the Sony PMW-EX1 (built-in lens - $6,500) or EX3 (interchangeable lens $8,400).

Why? 1/2" sensors! Cleaner image than 1/3", and with the RedRock I think would look awesome! They record to the Sony version of P2 cards - the SxS Pro memory cards, so it’ll be a lot cleaner than recording to tape and capturing later. They’re also both smaller than the JVC, which would be nice while reaching forward to focus.

Hope this helps-
-Lew :wink:


i bought hvx200a last month for $5199 + tax,ordered redrock mattebox for 799+tax,camera bag,ntg2 rode mic and some acc’s for around $800 +tax, now i need a tripod cartoni focus+redrock micro m2 + lighting kit+ and it will be around $15000 when i will finish, and i need a new hvx200a in coming months for my 2nd camera.
i love the hvx BUT very hard to find a decent p2 adapter for mac pro without shaking up my budget, one solution i found on web was to buy a lenavno laptop with pcmcia card slot, but there should be a card reader for mac (apple or panasonic should consider this)…
everything else is good…
and now i have no excuse to delay my film production anymore…


Panasonic has 2 things:

AJ-PCD20 5-P2 Slot drive for $1,900
AJ-PCS060G 60GB Portable drive - plug the card into it, transfer, delete files on card, pop back into camera, and keep shooting. $1,530 - and you plug it into your NLE and just transfer the files.

Can’t the HVX200 plug (via Firewire) and just transfer files off of the P2 cards? Like its own hard drive, which is what the P2 cards function as?

Otherwise, yes, any standard laptop PCMCIA will be able to transfer your files, which is why they chose that connection (rather than make up a proprietary one of their own like, say… Sony!).

Good luck-
-Lew :wink:


Well if you had a Macbook Pro I’d say to get:

You might want to consider getting a Firestore instead of the P2 drives… the price is about the same.


The firestore is great…i love mine.

anyways, a good friend of me has developed a windows XP application for the P2.

get it here -> P2genie.com


they are very expensive, but they should not be, why should i buy a card worth $1900 to only transfer the p2 footage, whn i can buy a laptop with pcmci card reader. i can take it to the field, capture the cards to its hard drive, even edit it there, and can buy it for $900…for that extra $1000 bucks i will buy a 2 TB raid system and hook it to my laptop.

and with firewire transfer, i need to hook my camera and cant work while i am downloading stuff…


the pmw-ex 1/3 have higher resolution but use gop compression. I’ve been debating myself about whether that will amount to less image quality. I’m told either one can be blown ub to the big screen incredibly well. as for interchangeable lenses. the pmw-ex3 looks the best. using b oth canon and fujinon lenses. but honestly lenses are really expensive. you could run to 15k awfully fast buying them. what lenses do you need?


All versions of HDV use a GOP compression. If I remember correctly, Sony uses 15-frame GOP and JVC uses 7-frame.

The size of the sensor will greatly help final quality, but they ALL use GOP mpeg-2 versions of compression.

If your final release format is going to be versions of home video (basically, anything but filmout, or theatrical size projection) they all look fantastic. All the quibbling you read about is for those of us who are used to looking at quality differences. Your average viewer not only doesn’t care, but will simply get lost in the story anyway - if you told the story well - if your camerawork calls attention to itself, well… you’re on your own…

-Lew :wink:


I was under the impression that DVCpro hd was based on a single frame compression scheme. I’m sure you can’t really go wrong anyway you slice it with a little skill I was just wondering if that amounted to higher quality despite the lower resolution. or maybe better chroma key results less artifacting. the test footage I’ve seen from these cams (HVX, PMW) is all but identical apart from colour correction but then these tests weren’t really rigorous either. the specs on the PMW are amazing but spcs can lie.


DVCPro HD isn’t the same as their DVCPor HDV -codec. When recording to TAPE you’re limited to HDV, but when going to the P2 cards, you can actually record REAL HD.

Yes, significant difference - especially for greenscreen work!