What is Scene Hook?


This morning I ran across this thingy-majingy by clicking the Filter eyeball in the timeline window.

What is Scene Hook? It doesn’t appear in the online help. (Mac R13)



unless there are not some objects called sceene hooks in character animation (abolutely no
clue what there is going on :)). you could consider this as some sort of bug. scenehooks
are part of the programming concept in c4d. but the user cannot interact directly with them.
they are meant to be hidden from the users perception .

so now you know the truth, c4ds shininess is being bought with a merciless system of scene
hooks. it is a cruel and desperate world down there, for all these innocent methods and
objects :slight_smile:

edit :



Sort of correct. Scene Hooks can be thought of as unique kinds of objects that are document wide and can’t be instantiated. Though some may be hidden from the users perception and can’t be interacted with, many of them are not hidden and can be interacted with. For instance, the dynamics setting. C4D dynamics are essentially just Bullet Physics built into a scene hook and given a frontend through an AM mode (in this case the Project mode).



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