what is nurbs and polys modelling?


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I read about there are 2 kind of modelling?nurbs and polys? can someone help to explain more? what i think is polys modeling are those created by Autocad?with sharp edge with polys…and nurbs are maya which model human face, soft surface… i am wondering can’t autocad or maya do both type of modelling? does it mean both type of modelling have disadvantages?
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Hey dude, First things first, as far as I think Autocad is more inclined towards the technical modellers, whereas maya is mainly for the artistic ones. So if u wanna make a chemical plant or a heat exchanger or somethin like that, use autocad but if u wanna make creatures scenes animations etc use maya. I donno about autocad but maya can do both polys and NURBS and in addition to that it can do Subdivison surfaces as well which is kinda the best of both polys and nurbs together.


Nurbs is better for organic modeling, while polys would be easier to work with for non organic projects.That’s what I read anyways. I have yet to model with polys. I model airplanes and cars in Nurbs, but with the problems I run into from time to time I would imagine that polys would make things easier for those types of things. It’s super easy to model creatures with Nurbs. Polygons are pretty much triangulated flat surfaces. You get nice round surfaces with Nurbs. You can “round” out polys with the smooth function though.
Your nurbs models will usually be converted to polys in the end though…So I guess it depends on which one your more comfortable with.

Maya does both, and does nurbs better than max.


I wouldn’t say nurbs is best for organic modelling, or any other method either. It’s a matter of personal preference.

But for organic modelling many uses Subdivison surface modelling… which is polymodelling with a meshsmoothing on top that creates a hi-poly smooth object. So basically you work on a low-poly model and switch on the meshsmoothing for a soft organic version. For many this method feels more natural and nurbs feel more technical, but it’s really about personal preference in the end.


Considering that probably a huge percentage of EVERY product you’ve EVER used from cars to your toothbrush was probably designed using nurbs, i’d hardly say that polys are “better” for mechanical objects. In fact i’d personally go quite the opposite. SubD poly modelling seems to suit organic objects better.

If you do a google search you can readily find the definition and examples of both types of object.


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