What is most important to keep in mind when building a big scene with many objects to keep it's performance fast?


I am not sure if it can helps when i keep the lowest poly count and then i will apply the subdivision surface object on it , will make it change? Or will it be the same as to have high poly count object?

Will help XRefs? Will help cache? or so… Please leave here your recommendations


Make it as modular as possible.

Plan out areas which can be split off and abstracted.

Make use of the proxy function in xrefs.

Use render/multi instances as much as possible.

Once assets have been approved, bake them down and simplify them as much as possible, particularly if they contain lots of generators e.g. sweeps/extrudes/booles.

If you can get away with using different levels of detail based on distance to camera, do it.

Absolutely better to use the subdivion surface generator, as that can be used in a rig to add levels of detail to the whole scene.

If you’re using a render engine that supports proxies e.g. Redshift or Vray, use them!

Finally, know that once you get past the 3/4000 object mark, your scene will slow to a crawl and you’ll spend 15 minutes waiting every time you attempt to load, save or close it.


High-polygon models will slow your viewport
Sub-polygon displacement could eat your memory during render - you choose what your PC can handle

If things get really rough you could render your scene elements individually with composition tags and combine them in post.

Keeping your light sources at minimum can save you memory.


sub-d versus higher poly: in general subd is slower since it’s a generator. so it first has to generate the geometry and then display it opposed to just display it like it’s the case with a high poly object. but if you have a lot of objects you can get away with a really low poly count while working and just activate the subdiv at render time that can help a lot.

when you do complex scenes for animation, layers are your best friend. you can just deactivate generators, deformers, expressions, visibilty per layer, so if you organize everything cleverly you can save yourself a lot of time and trouble.


I have already separate some part of my animation i am working on last few months in my spare time.

I also found out that for the editing purposes is good to copy / paste elements from big scene to another new project and then copy / paste it back… so i am able to


Thank you for the tip about the workflow with layers, i have to finaly have a look on it! But i am nearly to finish my project which is little bit complex… so that is why i am asking for some recommendation for the work on big and complex scenes… Maybe it is limit of C4D handle it, maybe other 3D software on the market is much better optimised to do it better.


A bit older now, but still relevant