What IDE do you use for MEL development?


Hi aaron,

JEdit… it’s a good crossplatform editor, that also should work on Mac, if Java is installed… :slight_smile:

you can download a modified and updated Mel Highlighter for Jedit here:slight_smile:

it’s a little modificated and updated than the orignally highlight file by Ron Bublitz
some of the changes are commented it in the XML file, so if you don’t like the way it’s highlighted you can change it back… :slight_smile:

regarding JEdit you can also read this thread from Jason Schleifers forum… Mel editors??, Whats a good mel editor

an other java based editor is “cutter” made by malcolm kesson:slight_smile:




if you’re using linux, you can get the the syntax highlighting for kwrite i made here: http://tdp.nu/ofer/kate_stuff/



I you are or want to be a (UNIX) nerd, you can use VIM (www.vim.org) it is FREE and available on about every platform. It has got MEL highlighting among lots of others and very advanced editing features.

You will have some strange shortcuts when you aren’t used to UNIX editors, but when you get used to them, you don’t want anything else!!


Used to use notepad for all my programming, but then i found Mel studio LE, and though it does not have the full list of features that the pro version has, it is completely adequate for me…

It is available free from http://www.digimation.com/software/asp/products_demo.asp?product_id=162

only one thing annoys me, and that is the inability to have multiple scripts open at once, but it is a great program anyways

We like this! :thumbsup: More free programs for the people…


MelStudio because:

inside Maya,
most editing function,
easily expression creating + productivity + management
(select another object dont clearing expression and over)
multytab interface.

Highly recomended


I use Ultra-Edit, so many nice features…the main one I like now is the ability to run a program from Ultra-Edit…I created a button on the toolbar that basically runs the selected procedure right in Maya. If you wanna try it out, goto highend3d and download my script in the Utillities section of MEL, it’s called geCommander.

Post me what you think…


I’m a long time maya user, but new to writing Mel scripts. I’m wanting to use BlueMel Studio for my scripting, but it looks like the plugin is not compiled to run with Maya 6. Does anyone have any info into this?



Hi Indy,

Blue-MEL Studio is an old plug-in. The new version is MEL Studio Pro (and the free version MEL Studio LE) and it fully support Maya 6.0

You can download it from:


Enjoy it!

Max Liani


Awsome, Thanks so much!


Ok, dumb question, but is there a way to have BlueMel in a viewport pane?



I don’t know if this question is OT. MEL Studio can’t lie in a panel. Maybe a next version will support it.



Mel Studio Pro ROCKS!
especially with changing all color settings :-)…

and I don’t see any reason to put it in a vieport…


Mel Studio Pro is very interesting, but at home, I use Mel Studio LE and for the multi files working I open Melanie or UltraEdit with the setup (color and mel command).
It’s easy and very useful.


I’m very surprised that I’m the only one using TextPad on windows, with syntaxis for mel to.

Anyone use it to?


I used it, it was really nice, but after i discovered MelStudio i dropped textPad immediatly!:slight_smile:
try it…


I use CodeKeeper.NET - www.codekeeper.net, the best to keep all scripts together.


I use Code Keeper .Net - http://www.codekeeper.net/ the best to keep all scripts in one


I do. Gets the job done, and I paid for it that I can’t bring myself to replace it hehehe.
In linux I just use gvim.


When o when will they update Mel Studio for Maya 6.5. Maya’s default script editor’s a kick in the pants when coming from Mel Studio


Blue Mel Studio is a nice app…i really like the features that this IDE and other provide but i always find myself going straight back to notepad…it’s simple and fast that that’s really what works best for me =P