What IDE do you use for MEL development?


nedit at work in the linux environment and editPlus at home in my windows environment.



I’m a HUGE fan of SciText editor. It installs with Digital Fusion and I’m not sure if you can get it otherwise, I’d image ya could though. I prefer it because it’s not near the crap that UltraEdit has (it’s nice and clean). Plus, it’s got a column on the right that you can resize that serves as an awesome scratch pad. It’s better than having bunches of tabs at the top and random files floatin around!

Cheers! :beer:


Ultraedit is the bomb.

MEL syntax highlighting
Color coding for all different types of commands
Search & Replace
Column Editing
{} opening/closing loops recognition

I live in UltraEdit everyday. I’d highly recommend it.



For those who couldn’t get the mel syntax highlighting in ultraEdit, first make sure you have the highend file ( http://www.highend2d.com/tools/?section=NT )
pasted into the ultraEdit’s text file, then in ultraEdit go to view>View As [highlighting file type]>mel script.


I use SourceEdit. It is free and has syntax-highlighting for mel (downloadable on the website), code-completion for MEL-commands, automatic indentation and a function-list to navigate in long scripts. http://www.brixoft.com


Blue Mel Studio is a really nice thing!
thanks for pointing that one out… I enjoy its code-completion feature the most. Ideal for those just starting on the road towards MEL-guruship, like myself.
thanks, max liani…


Emacs in c++ mode.

I want use mel mode but the link is break.

Emacs rulez :buttrock:


I just downloaded Blue Mel Studio. What a cool plugin, Max Liani could charge a hundred bucks for this thing (but don’t tell him that). I like em free :wink:


XEmacs and “mel-mode” (see earlier post for the link to the mel-mode source).



i use ConTEXT with MEL syntax-highlighter all the time… great little app! :thumbsup: can’t believe no-one here had mentioned it… :eek:

here’s the link to download the app: http://www.fixedsys.com/context/
uploaded syntax highlighter on my server: http://www.mimweb.com/download/mel4_0.zip

happy MEL scripting… :slight_smile:



I used to use UltraEdit with MEL highlighting to but a friend of mine told me about Blue-MEL Studio. And now I wouldn’t use anything else :thumbsup:


code genie here! did not liked ultra edit or crimson!


I use ConText you can get it free from here
set it to php and its a pritty good match for the mel script


I’m currenly using Nedit under Linux. There is a Mel/sl/rib syntax highlighting mode in highend3d, and it’s really cool :stuck_out_tongue:


Nothing like MelStudio!

It’s the ONLY editor INSIDE Maya.
This makes possible some things that to other editors are forbidden, like listing/autocompletion of DAG object’s attributes, drag&drop mel code onto/from shelf, quickHelp on Mel commands, full list of all procedures and expression (a la Visual Studio!), maya-like document panning (alt+MMB!), ecc.ecc.

Irreplaceable for me…


maolu- I completely agree, MEL Studio rocks. Now if only they’d drop the price a little…:sad:


I know Max Liani (MelStudio creator) and i know that pricing is estabilished by Digimation, that currently is MelStudio official reseller, so he cannot decide very much about pricing…:sad:


a newbie with MEL, but I’m always using nedit for any type of scripting that I do (Python mostly).




How can I grab your config?


Aside from emacs, does anyone have recommendations for MEL editing on OS X? I have used UltraEdit and liked it alot. Wish Blue MEL Studio were available for the Mac, but alas, neither are.