What IDE do you use for MEL development?


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for lack of better expression “LOL” what are you referring to…?


I use ultraedit and notepad++


Got a license for WingIDE


I’ve been using Charcoal Editor for the past several weeks now. I still use Eclipse from time-to-time, but I find the working directly in Maya streamlines my workflow.


Yes I agree. I’ve started using it and it is very nice tool. Integrated in Maya.


Thanks for posting about Charcoal Editor, I just installed it. I really like it. I was using XCode on the mac, just for python and I when I was scripting every day, I used to use jEdit, which was such a pain to get all the plugins installed and hooked up to Maya. Thanks!


Notepad++ is the best.


Emacs is definitely THE most advanced text editor in the world. Free as in speach and beer and well worth spending few moments to learn it.



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Maxya focused only as MEL editor (even can code also python).
you can access features / usage videos on 3docean.net


I created a Language Definer and Dark Theme for Notepad++ which suits MEL.
You can download it in ToolSeq UD.


I use Komodo Edit. It has Maya highlighter, it’s free and great. Previously I used a small little editor called ConText, but that aged very fast and wasn’t that great anyway.


I just went looking again recently to see if there was anything new since the last time I looked and I learned that Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code (Simplified version of full VS for free) has a melscript plugin that does do some syntax highlighting, and has some nice keyboard shortcuts to cut out repetition. Windows/Mac/Linux downloads are available!


I stopped using MEL quite a while ago.
I code in Python and use either Wing IDE or sublime to edit code.
Sometimes, even the Maya script editor is good for a quick dirty script!


Hello there!


I like eclipse or pycharm ,! :robot: