What IDE do you use for MEL development?


Oh yeah. Finally MEL Studio Pro is officially available for Maya 2008.

Already ordered a copy. Can’t wait to get started with it in Maya.


ADD-012 “Find in Files” Function Added into Menu Search (for “specified multi foldes” or “a custom directory”)
Shortcut for “Find in Files” : CTRL+SHIFT+F

[left]VERSION 2.0.2


[left]UPD-005 Help Updated[/left]
ADD-006 Phyton Scripting Added (Syntax Color for phyton and Proc List currently functioning. Parameter and other lookup list ability will be avaible in next update)

ADD-007 Zoom In/Out functionality added into editor’s popup menu
ADD-008 (Visual Studio,Maxya,Midnight, Plain)Syntax Color Themes, added.
ADD-009 “Numeric pad Enter” key as <Execute Selected text> shortcut added
ADD-010 Changing of Background Color Option added to Prefences Window
UPD-006 Editor Performance improved. (It was some slow on copy paste operations and while was writing)


I use jEdit with the MEL plugin. It’s great. Nice and light.

What I really want to see is a MEL Debugger… I mean one that’s useful :wink:


What I really want to see is a MEL Debugger… I mean one that’s useful :wink:

none of the interpreter based languages (we call :script languages) have no any debugger.


just a little tip for those who’d like to have mel highlighting in notepad++.

goto C:\Program Files\Notepad++\plugins\APIs

open “cpp” in that folder,or anything you like, with notepad++.

modify it as you wish.i’ve just pasted the content of melstudio.dat file,coming with melstudio trial. at the bottom of the list.

#when you reopen notepad++ and choose the language you’ve just modified,here you have your mel syntax highlighting in notepad++

i’ll give it a shot with mapy. it seems promising.

ps: someone may have already mentioned it before. but it doesn’t hurt, to write it again.


I’d say it’s quite the opposite :slight_smile: Being able to step run the program and have its high level description in memory while it is running allows for much richer debugging options, with much better error handling and tracing. Examples being Scheme, Python, Prolog, etc.
It’s just that Alias didn’t really think about building a good debugger for MEL… :slight_smile:


Word! Henry!

But would it be possible to set a debugger upon Maya that easily?


Maya needs an inbuilt debugger and a full-time code editor within itself. It would be “complete” then .


One nice thing about using an external editor (I’m using Crimson Editor right now) is that I’ve got multiple files open, and when Maya locks or crashes, I don’t lose the script I’m working on right now. When I was using MelStudio, and I accidentally did an infinite loop (without doing an infinite loop trap), I lost whatever I was working on. Well, sometimes it would let me save it before a crash, sometimes not.

I had an inexplicable lock up today, and I’m most happy that my script in progress was located outside Maya.

What would be nice, is an inbuilt but external editor piped the way Mapy does it, so if Maya crashes, the editor stays open.



MEL Studio Pro has an auto-save feature that is saving stuff before executing it. So crashing/looping will not result in code loss, even with multiple open files. I don`t know though if it is a feature that is exclusive to the Pro version.


I think it is!

Unfortunately the rescue save dialog is not very helpful. As its not sortable or scalable.


Could be, but saved my butt a couple of times : )
The only thing I miss in MEL Studio Pro is the ability to unindent text and to make it a panel.


yea my butt as well. :slight_smile:
unindent text?! mean the opposite of pressing tab to indent it? doesn’t shift+tab do that? or mean something completely else?

panel? I have 2 monitors and script fullscreen on the 2nd monitor. a fullscreen panel :]


cool, I diddnt know that. Now I dont have to die stupid : )

What no 3rd sscreen for cgtalk? ; )
Ahoi nach F`hain!


Have you seen this?
He says now it only works on Maya2008.


@hohehohe2: wow! That looks promising! :]
but its so … so japanese! translation anyone? :smiley:

@Buexe: lol! extra monitor for cgtalk. nah … it works with 2 quite good. And actually I’m a little more into highend3d for mel-talk.

Wie kommst eigentlich uf F`hain? Wir sind do in Treptow! :]
Aber danke und ahoi och nach … äh nach Berlin :beer:


so mapy looks interesting, but it does not work with Maya64bit? Or does it?


Using Maxya… for a month or so now…
It has been excellent for the most part with a number of niggles, but a suitable argument to the forum usualy results in improvements.
Although the interactive command and switch stuff going in currently is a bit err… questionable, simply turn it off…


Actually mapy works with 64bit. Some of mapy users have claimed that
they have success with XP 64bit. If you have any problem please mail me the exact bug report.



I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong, but I can’t get mapy to work. I installed it, installed Notepad++ (also tried SciTE), went through the instructions and when I try to Run the script in Notepad++, nothing happens in Maya… help?