What IDE do you use for MEL development?


yes :
Maxya Settings>Python>Python Connection
must be set to “Use Maya”


OK, Thanks!


I use a pimped version of gvim, with ctags, taglist, syntax hightlighting for mel and python, auto complete for mel and python. It’s fast, free, great :slight_smile:


You want mel/python IDE for Maya? Maxya beats ALL!!!

currently using Maxya LE Install, and all you need is to put a plugin into Maya plugins folder, enable the plugin and Maya and it’s good to go!


in case they change the link again, you should just go www.tarzmedia.com

O, and downloading from the main site is a total pain in the ass. Keeps getting interrupted. Here’s a torrent link:


If you are more to python, you should consider eclipse… it’s a lot more heavier but doesn’t cost you a cent except a bit of setup


The best IDE that I have used for MEL is “Cutter” :thumbsup:

you can download it here. http://fundza.com/

give it a try, it has very cool functions


I have to say Maxya is the best. Ive been using it for years now… and has really helped me making mel scripts.


It’s a source code editor.
Probably not the best, but it covers my needs.



I have problem with downloading the newest maxya from theirs server.
Anyone have same problem like me ?

I’m Trying to comunicate with tarzmedia but my email coming back to me always.
The same with downloading. 50 % and big “the end”.
Maybe someone have instaler of maxya 4.5.4 ?


email server may be shutdown.
thanks for reporting.
I now sent your email.please check also bulk section too.


Thanks Hcetiner for the quick response. Everything is ok now.


no file inside it
no video tutorial…
very disaponting…


for lack of better expression “LOL” what are you referring to…?


I use ultraedit and notepad++


Got a license for WingIDE


I’ve been using Charcoal Editor for the past several weeks now. I still use Eclipse from time-to-time, but I find the working directly in Maya streamlines my workflow.


Yes I agree. I’ve started using it and it is very nice tool. Integrated in Maya.


Thanks for posting about Charcoal Editor, I just installed it. I really like it. I was using XCode on the mac, just for python and I when I was scripting every day, I used to use jEdit, which was such a pain to get all the plugins installed and hooked up to Maya. Thanks!


Notepad++ is the best.


Emacs is definitely THE most advanced text editor in the world. Free as in speach and beer and well worth spending few moments to learn it.



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Maxya focused only as MEL editor (even can code also python).
you can access features / usage videos on 3docean.net