What happened to www.niklasindustries.com?


What a pity! The site seems to be gone. There were some very good beginner tutorials.


That’s a real shame, they were not only useful, but also done in an amusing style.


Darn! I thought that site was fun and inspirational. It will be missed.The tutorials were pretty cool.


<3 People care :slight_smile:

Things went awry with my hosting (www.glexicon.com) and my site does not exist anymore.
I am going to move everything to my employers (www.push72.com) server, so the imperialist dogs better watch out, because the Peoples Republic of the Internet will be back, hopefully soon.


Excellent! Your tutorials were great. Looking forward to seeing your site back up again.


Good to hear! Looking forward to when your site is back!


I’m sure that’s not true, I have a nasty habit of downloading everything and anything remotely Lightwave related. Strickly for education use only of course :slight_smile:


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