What happened to my cylinder?


So I click on the cylinder too, hold down ctrl and drag. I get a big empty box and when I let go of the mouse, nothing… wtf?

This is probably related to the earilier issue I was having wher the tube tool would just create control points instead of any actual curve.


I think I had something similar in the past. It seamed to do that only when item mode was on, try it with other selection modes. : )


make sure you have a mesh object that you are creating the cylinder into just press n and try it again.



Im not sure I understand what you mean by creating the cylindinder into the mesh object…


I was having the same problem when i started out a few days ago. What csprance is talking about can be seen in the “items” tab in the upper-right part of your screen. you should see the name of the scene in bold black(untitled* usually if you just opened it). underneath that you SHOULD see something called “mesh” along with 'camera" and “directional light”. If you dont see mesh then press c and it will make one, then just hilight it and you should be able to create your cylinder.


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