What happend to XS Yann?


His Page ist broken down. I get virus-warning or the server just can’t find anything.
Someone knows Yann in person?

I miss the tiny plugin xsTab


Me too, but the good thing is that the plugins I have from him (xsThickness, xsTargetCamera) they work in R21.


xsThikness: Inner and outer cut nomore works…? I recomend to use Py-ParametricTools


I saw info at https://frenchcinema4d.fr about his position at “Ranch Computing” render farm. Yes, i remember his profile at About Company page of Ranch Computing. But i reopen page and his profile disappeared


I really miss xsTab as well!

I wish Yann would come back or someone else to develop a similar plugin. It was super useful.


I asked Nitroman, let’s wait for his response…


I’d also like to know what’s going on with yann.

But regarding xsTab, there is actually an alternative plugin available: “DocTabs” by Vision 4D.

Kind regards