what happend to combustion?


hey there,
i do motiongraphics and of course use mostly after effects for it. but i am sick of the linear layerbased structure. so i want something nodebased. as far as i can see, there are two real alternatives (since i am on win): nuke and combustion. and since i am afraid, nuke could be a overkill for me, i wanted to look at combustion. but i cant find it on autodesk.com any more. was it bought by some other company? or was it just discontinued? if yes, is there an alternative?

the other question would be: are those compositing-solutions fit for animating, say like typography? or are they really just for compositing and sfx?



Combustion was canned by Autodesk years ago. And it isn’t node based, it’s layer based.
It’s follow-up Toxik or Composite(also node-based) is shipped for free in a bundle with 3ds Max, Maya and Softimage.

Another alternative to Nuke on Windows would be Fusion.


fusion comes closest to AE for motion graphics work. it has a nice text tool, with some good animation capabilites. it also has a nice node called “duplicate 3d”, which creates duplicates 3d models with some offset and you can use different scales for the duplicates. also the 3d space in fusion is really nice and advanced, can do all the stuff you see now in videocopilots Element3d plugin for AE.

here are some nice examples of motion graphics done in fusion:


but i believe that there is no alternative to AE when it comes to Motion graphics:

  • sound support is in all node based programms bad
  • retime, reuse and shifting things in the timeline are easy to do in a layerbased system, not so easy in a node based one
  • support through a huge user community, lots of plugins, presets, templates, tutorials — all things you will miss outside of AE


thx guys!
so i’ll give fusion a try.
i knew, that i could never get rid of after effects. frist of all because of coworking.
and it has some really nice features… but applying effects is only possible to one or all layer. and combining 3d and 2d layers is a pain in the ace.

anyway, thx again! hf&gl


you can get a PLE version of fusion from there website: www.eyeonline.com

also check the youtube channel for some tutorials and stuff:


and the most active fusion forum is over here:



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