"What goes around, comes around."


Hi everyone. This is a new WIP which I hopefully can finish in the next weeks. As for now, here is one character of the scene, the shark :slight_smile: I did this today and stopped for now to show it here for critiques and comments.

   The whole scene consists of this shark fishing a angler on his boat trying to fish the shark. I just remembered a 3D print of a shark I did and a good documentation about sharks getting killed for their fins, so I wanted to do a mixture of fun character style, the circumstances which are present today and the fact, that nature could "fish" us too, if they wanted.
   Thanks for any critiques or comments :)

Shark Update:

Fisherman update:

Concept Image:


Cool man! I really like the character and the idea.

It might be tough to translate the tongue into 3D as you have shown now. If you add the teeth all the way around, its going to be a tight fit. Plus it does look a little narrow. I don’t think sharks have tongues in real life, but if they did, I would imagine that it would be about as wide as the jaw, and would be a light pink colour to match the mouth.


Hey there, thanks for your comment. I think, you are right, the sharks tongue ( they have got one, but it is not like ours ) is a little bit too humanlike. But I wanted to achieve a kind of human character in its expression (thinking of finding nemo e.g.), so I’ll try to fit the tongue into his mouth, making it bigger like you said and change the color :slight_smile:


Hi everyone,

here is a sketch update on the fishing man. Yet the boat is missing, I first wanted to figure out the character a bit and the pose how he could stand on his boat trying to push back with his legs.

C&C always welcome :slight_smile:


Hi everyone, here is the last sketch I am going to use for going into the 3D models. What do you think about the image for a sketch. Of course, there is missing some details and I am not sure about the lighting / background.


Are you eventually going to make models of these characters? Otherwise, I think you want the 2D WIP forum.


I don’t know, if you read the previous postings, but yes, this is just a sketch for a 3D Image I want to do in the next time. :slight_smile:


Hi everyone, here is the first WIP 3D image of the ship I am working on. Just had a couple of hours today to start with the model. Of course, there are missing tons of detail, but for now, its the next step in this project :slight_smile: Critiques and comments are always welcome.


Oh man! I really like this one!
its just too funny :smiley:

your ship is looking pretty good so far!
The only thing I can see is that it kinna looks like the model is pinched,
up near the front peak of the boat… like there are one too many edge loops trying to converge…

Can’t wait to see how this turns out!

  • Bergquist


Hey bergquist,thanks for your words and I’m glad that you like my image and idea! I just fixed that point issue and started to add some detail to the ship. I guess, for now, I stop working on the ship and start over with one character, so I just get some alternation in my workflow. So, what do you guys say about the current progress? C&C always welcome!


Hey man,

I really like how things are turning out!

Maybe you can have the boat a little further in the water when you assemble your final composition? If that shark was pulling down on the line, that boat would probably have its bow in the water, with the stern sticking up out of the water.



Hey AJ1, thanks for your comment. The boat is just in something like “idle” state. I will tweak it of course while combining the objects in the final image. So I will tilt the boat to the front because the guy is standing on the front while being pulled down to the water. :slight_smile: I hope to upload a new WIP today. Stay tuned :slight_smile:


A new update on the first basemesh of the Shark. Not smoothed it out or sth., but for a basemesh I am satisfied for the moment. What do you think?


I love the look of the boat! Is the cabin made out of steel? If so it could use some big cartoon bolts at the bottom and the top and maybe a seam as it would have benn made out of two large bent panels :slight_smile:



Hey Andre, thanks for your comment and idea. Just thought about modelling a roof like this, so I did it, added some bolts / screws to the cabin and replaced the one piece roof with this to panels :slight_smile: How do you like it?


Perfect :slight_smile: I would just add one vertical bolted seam to the right of the round window to break up this one big piece.


Great work so far! The shape on the boat looks good, but I do think the rounded edge on the cabin seems odd.

As far as the shark goes, I think most people think of shark teeth as a triangle, rather than the long, round teeth you have now. It also looks like they don’t really have that many teeth on the bottom, and they point outwards. That could help give the tongue more room. The mouth in general seems a little cramped, so maybe recessing the lips back and showing some of the gums might make him/her look more hungry?



Hey AJ,

thx for your reply! I agree with you and ACantarel, that the rounded edge seems a bit odd, so I added another part to break this up.

For the shark, I lifted the lips a bit, i guess it will be clearer when I am texturing the shark and modding it in ZBrush, and I just fixed the teeth. Of course, I forgot, a shark has got more than one row of teeth, so I did 3 rows on the bottom. I also added his rod as a base mesh. What do you say about the 2 models?

thx in advance :slight_smile:


Great concept.

As I was looking at the model of your shark something felt odd and out of place. The more I look at it the more I feel that the gills are backwards facing. Also because they are so deep and pronounced they look kinda alien a creepy for something so cartoony.


Hey Jackofkings,

this is quite funny, I was so convinced about modelling the gills this way, didn’t even care about the reference image. :smiley: Thx for that advice! Already fixed it in the other direction and flattened it a bit. :slight_smile: The little details that we lose while working :wink:

And thx for liking my concept :slight_smile: