What experience have you had with Gnomon for animation?


There was a big argument in the animated buzz forums, general discussion section, about whether Gnomon was good for actual character animation and not just for special effects. Does anyone have any experience with Gnomon courses as to developing a good demo reel for animation and as to whether they can inculcate some strong animation skills?


No one has any experience with Gnomon for Character Animation?


“Search” is your friend:



Thanks for pointing out the thread. I can’t believe I missed this.


I read that thread on animated buzz and most of them were making fairly inaccurate statements about what Gnomon teaches and how the school is structured. Also some of the statements in regards to hiring practices at companies seemed off.


Sanjay, I like Animated Buzz. You can get some good information. However, the whole forum is very pro-calarts biased. Just check out the FAQs,which is solely about Calarts. I was even wondering if the forum was started by a Calarts person. Thus, you have to take what they say with some skepticism.

For what it is worth, I have tried to correct their misconceptions. Some folks first noted that Gnomon students don’t get hired by big studios. When I cited the studios that hired Gnomon students ,t hey countered that the jobs aren’t in animation because “Gnomon isn’t strong in animation.” I even countered with actual quotes by students using the url cited above by artbot.


Well, it seems like the site is founded by Mario, who is a CalArt student according to the front page of the website ! I wish the people there can have a more open mind about other schools because I only see negative posts about non-CalArt school on that forums. That one post about VFS was particularly insulting for me as a prospective student of VFS.


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