what does CLOTHILDE mean?


Is this a typo? The word is Clothilde, pronounced: klaw-thild, or cloth-EYE-Ld, I presume?

At first I thought the word was ClothLIDE (Cloth + coLLIDE), which would be pretty clever but its not spelled that way.

Does Clothilde mean something in German? Is it me? Am I just really dense here?

Maybe the i and the L are in the wrong order? :slight_smile:


I don’t know, but I like to think that Clothilde is the cousin of Broomhilde, pronounced Clothhilda.


:stuck_out_tongue: We’re on the same wavelength–See my post on post forum.


Clothilde is actually a female name (well, in France at least), so I think that would fit well as a brand name when it comes to cloth… kind of sensual :love:


Ah–I see. Then that makes sense I suppose. Gotta start using my International brain.

Although, I think Cloth-lide is kinda witty since its all about collision and cloth.


Sure, that would be a good analysis too :slight_smile:


Good one. :slight_smile: Except Clothilde is thinner than Broomhilde, very pretty, and a bit kinky now and then. :wink:


Yeah, Clothilde–what a great name. :rolleyes:


I would of prefered it to be called “virtuapants 1.0”


What worries me is the ‘Dress-O-Matic’ button… Whatever next?

‘Shave, shower & breakfast’…

‘Car Crash-O-matic’…

or the dreaded…

‘Toy Story-0-matic’…

Watch out guys, we’re all going to be out of a job soon :eek:

Mike A.


WHOOHOO!! The tribute album’s already out!..

I think MJV was onto something…


BWAAHAAHAA! I want it. I want it so bad. :smiley:


I’m french speaking, and yeah Clothilde is a french name for a girl, although it’s rarely heard of. Claude Monet on whom the ClaudeBonet toll is named for, was an impressionnist painter.

Don’t remember any known Clothilde in history though…:slight_smile:


I don’t remember any famous Clothilde in history either, but there’s a Ste-Clothilde basilic in Paris for example.

This name is pretty common in France, though :slight_smile:


I believe it’s also an old-fashioned German name, which might give you a clue as to the derivation. :slight_smile:



Hankymaker, now with improved DoilyNURBs.

I think it’s pronounced Clo-TILL-duh, or am I smoking crack?


As close as you’ll get unless you speak french or german… If you are currently smoking crack or not, I dare not speculate :smiley:


I kinda like the Dress O Matic. I like the old time feel to it. But Clothilde looks like a spelling error to me.

Then again ClaudeBonet? How about BoneMapper or BoneSkinner so I at least know what it does?

How about Fabric-ator? Or, Clothra? Garmentia?


He he… that sounds more like a hideous viral infection :smiley: Ebola, Marburg and Garmentia. Waahaa!


Actualy Marburg is a very nice town known for it’s old and prestigous university. I wouldn’t compare it to ebola :wink: