What Do You Want For 3ds Max 7


the next version of 3ds max will be abaiable at the end of this year, i think

please post what thinks do you want for the next version

i think that could be

-hair tool (including a hair stylis tool, shaders, wet hair option, mental ray support of hair geometry)
-fluid simulator: like glu3d or real flow, but integrated.
-faster mental ray version
-new modeling tools

  • a volume shader
  • more control over the shaders


Just an Editable Poly modifier will do :smiley:


a complete overhaul wouldn’t go amiss.

  • realtime rendering, like other mainstream packages
  • much better mr integration with a node based material editor.
  • an e-poly modifier (well said Bingo Little!! :thumbsup: )
  • a modified cut tool like in maya (choose and move the points of the cut
  • a collapsable history tool like XSI, so file sizes are smaller but still configurable.
  • proper fluid dynamics introduced into reactor (its still a good system)
  • micro sculpting system, or full integration with z brush
  • a Layers based rendering system

sure i’ll think of more :shrug:


Particle Flow particle conservation and flocking / inter-particle forces would be a very welcome addition.


change sub object pivot point like in maya

using ‘pick’ is sooo sloppy

lock individual axis on seam vertices when modelling in 2 halves

the same keyboard shortcuts for transforms when in uv main ui etc by default

turn off tiling textures and grid in unwrap uv mode in the prefs

key short cuts for snapping to a vertice or edge alone a specific axis like in maya

when assigning keys for shortcuts it would be dead handy if the pop up when you roll the mouse over a button is the same as what is listed in the customise menu

<this may already be posible…if so let me know> have the option to have slider manipulators on a floating menu so that all manipulators can be placed anywhere at once or in a viewport not being used or on another monitor

if more than one object is being affected by a slider, lets have them all listed in the manipulators with a weighting option<again may be posible already for doing hand curls>

lots of tutorial files and text to accompany them on how they were created…reactor was a bitch to learn

selection handles like in maya

the ability to render multi pass DOF AND MOTIONBLUR in one go

rotaional handle which would allow an object to be rotated around its pivot by manipulating this node with the move tool

be able to switch scene to stepped keys, linear or what ever with one click…

have the ghosting menu somewhere better…like on a right click or a floating panel

<another may already exist> be able to swivel the top, botton or middle of a spline ik independantly

bone squash and stretch spinners/sliders on a floating panel<this may already exist>

thats all for now i think…if any of these are already achievable…please let me know

on a personal note

it would be much better if major upgrades were released in the spring

this way schools and colleges would have the oppurtunity to aquire the funds, purchase and set up ready for the following september


Better Texturing Tools!!!

Much like Lightwave’s would be nice.

  • A better documentation for the Mental Ray.

  • More tutorials on the particle flow as well

  • More modeling tools

  • More stable than version 6 (ofcourse)

And I agree with everyone else on their suggestions… :slight_smile:


what about a new name


New name… Haha good one!

“3d.exe” ?



An upgrade to Particle Flow. How about some “Smart Particles” and better memory management for working with an intense number of particles?


Hey AndrewE

Noticed your location, didnt expect to see that. Are you working in town?


  • a linux version
  • a free(!) update for 5.1 to get the linux version

that’s all :slight_smile:


BBetter Texturing Tools!!!

Much like Lightwave’s would be nice.

What the?

It’s funny how everyone wants their workflow built into the next version. It’s no wonder why companies like discreet pick and choose from all the requests they recieve.

Imo, if they produce anything short of a full rewrite for 7 they’re gonna lose a ton of users.


a whole remake of 3d max based on maxsript instead of a maxscript implementation.



i have heard that discreet is developing a project code name “volcano” in there labs can this be the one ?

hey visualboo can u throw some light on this?



  1. Lower upgrade price

  2. Epoly modifier (won’t happen, but would be nice.)

  3. Fully implement isoline display, instead of the hacked method currently used

  4. Re-write the materal editor and manager. Allow unlimited slots in material editor.

  5. Raytrace-enabled soft shadows, which respect material opacity

  6. Ability to assign alpha channels on a per-object basis… similar to matte ID in v6, but fully respecting opacity

  7. Bring back draft mode rendering

  8. Rewrite the skin deformers. For example, the joint-angle deformer is a good idea, but in reality is a poor solution. Very difficult to set up. Also, the deformers don’t fully respect multi-axis animation.

  9. Allow the IK/FK system to pass pos & rot data into maxscript. Currently one has to use expression maxscript controllers to extract this data, which slows down animation speed.

  10. Rewrite the custom attributes plugin. Allow easy editing of the user-set parameters.

  11. A “repeat last xxx commands” operation poly modeling. Currently it allows only the last operation. User should be able to repeat last 2,6,10,etc if desired

  12. Streamline the Post/Render Effects workflow. Current window is dated and overly cumbersome to use.

  13. Material/Specular component - add a true anisotropic option, not that weird specular thing which is claimed to be anisotropic

  14. Correct the diffuse falloff ratio for materials. Currently the fallout isn’t correct, and requires the use of a falloff shader to tweak.

  15. Update the instancing tools. Instancing should also work with groups and respect sub-hiearchy changes - at this time, it does neither.

  16. X-refs - what more can be said. Good idea, but they are far too unreliable.

  17. Add a Mirror Pose tool, which respects not only bones in a rig, but also things like point controllers, custom attributes, etc.

  18. Set-driven keys, ala Maya. The Reactor controller is more work than should be necessary.



yeah a material editor that worked more like mayas in that you have a huge panable workspace and materials built up out of seperate nodes

then nodes can be joined duplicated etc

actually see the visible links

  • a linux version

Bahh, screw that. Theres really no need for a linux version of max. The linux community isn’t big enough to jusitfy it.


I see an advantage to offering linux render clients, as lightwave has done… however, i’ve NO desire at ALL to use max on linux.

Gets into that whole linus-compatibility problem with plugins, though…



I would like

  • Integrated hair/fur… not shag though

  • For discreet to just buy simcloth from Chaos and Texporter and implement them seeing as how we all love them and end up installing ithem anyhow:

  • To make it a rock solid application that does not crash even under the harshest of circumstances… and to not put stability on the “new features list” of Max7. Thats just messed up.

  • Either a real ingetrated paint application (Vertex paint is just weak) or a connection to Photoshop like ghost painter or something.

  • Viewport speedup!!! Make it run at least a semi-decent speed.

  • Editable Poly modifier

If I had to choose just 1 that Discreet would actually listen to me on it would have to be the Viewport speedup especially on large scenes…