What do you listen to while making / playing games?


Hey!! so what do you like to listen to while playing / making games!! personally i like light acoustic stuff… it’s soothing and lovely… like this stuff - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCN85nXNw7RnArjwYvXb-POA


While playing games? Nothing. These developers work very hard to give us an immersive experience that includes sound. I feel that I would be cheating myself and doing them a disservice by not having the sound on.

While making them? That depends. The game I’m working on atm has a very 80s sort of vibe. Because of that, I’m listening to a lot of new wave, punk, and 80s era pop/rock. Normally, when I’m working, I still listen to 80s stuff, but I tend to mix it up with more modern rap, metal, rock, & synthwave. For the past few months, I’ve pretty much had LCD Soundsystem’s “American Dream” album in constant rotation. I’m looking forward to Gunship’s new album which should be out later on this year.


I Like to have the TV on while I code.
And for some strange reason. I enjoy having Star Trek: The Next Generation playing in the background the most.
Something about coding with that show on makes me feel like I’m working on the Enterprise. :slight_smile:

I also enjoy coding while watching NFL football on Sundays. It’s hard for me to just sit and watch the games while doing nothing.
But when I do that. I tend to play around with code ideas and not do anything too serious or stressful.



I listen to a variety of stuff: traditional Japanese/Chinese, Indian (Ravi Shankar), Classical and Jazz. Rock gets me too pumped up to be sitting behind a computer screen, I reserve it for working out.


Led Zeppelin all day long.


Usually I’ll go for something like this: Lumineers
It is relaxing enough and sometimes on the more active stuff I do my thinking work… haha

When I’m focused enough I actually don’t hear the music anymore, just the song I like. ( I loop the music )


Radiohead. that’s an odd choice, but :smiley:


Well, when I play I also only listen to the audio of the game. Usually the audio design is worth every second by itself.

When working on games, I tend to listen to either Musicals (a bit unusual, I know :D) or Game/Movie Soundtracks. Basically trying to get myself already into a game-mindset.
Podcasts are also neat for the more boring, mind-numbing work.


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It depends on what you play




Rhythm metal rocks


I work as a developer. I like to work only with music. Sometimes I write useful articles for other developers to share my knowledge with them. At that moment I listen Sololum and Artbat. By the way, I need feedback about my articles related to mobile application development like this one https://madappgang.com/blog/food-delivery-app-development-everything-you-need cause food delivery apps is my talent. I would be glad to share some guides with you, so you can contact me at any time.


я не люблю слушать что либо когда играю потому что так нельзя проникнутся атмосферой игры из за музыки


While hard surface modeling or if it’s something reely reely complex time sink of an object too make, then I’ll put on tunes I’ve generated using FL Studio, (trance, dance derived tracks) been learning the ins 'n outs creating my own music since covid hit.


Softer/downtempo electronic stuff without vocals. Music keeps my brain from crashing due to the sedentary work style, but the lack of vocals lets me keep my focus on the work rather than the music.