What do they use to animate?


Hey guys, I really got stumbled into unanswered question…

What do they use to animate things like, Shrek, Avatar, Despicable Me, anything CGI basically?

Also, is stuff like Avatar: Legend of Aang, or Shaman King, Yu-gi-oh?

I just don’t understand why is there no visible information about this stuff, I found out PDI and things, but I don’t get what the hell that is, I thought the entire Shrek movie was done on 3DS Max…

But, I guess not?


With the notable exception of Pixar, who use proprietary software, almost all film work is done in Maya. Although it’s worth mentioning that most big studios develop their own tools for Maya, so the Maya they’re using isn’t quite the same as the Maya you buy from Autodesk.


DreamWorks uses Emo not Maya.


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