What color profile do u use?


I just wondering what color profile u guys use when painting in Photoshop. Did the color profile affect the final result, like when u view ur image in different screen or different Operating System, the color would look a bit different?


I just use sRGB because most computer peripherals use it. It’s got less color space compared to some of the other profiles, but I like the fact it’s fairly universal for most people’s setup.

When my stuff needs to sent off to a publisher, I try to do my own CMYK conversion (unless they specify not to), and it’s always a painstaking process of tweaking the color balance/contrast to match the RGB version. After having seen my stuff print horribly by a publisher that’s adamant about artists not doing their own conversions, I no longer trust publishers who say that.


Check this:




If I were you, I’d go for one of the most known as the one Lunatique mentioned or some Adobe profile.

In one of the best known French photomagazines, they actually question the importance of this matter this month …

Anyway, if you want to buy specific software for monitor, printer, scanner, digital backs etc…, you will have to put out some heavy cash …


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