What classes are you going to?


Hi Guys ,

Lets see if we are going to the same classes. So far i am %100 sure i’ll go to the:

monday 12-6 : digital painting workshop

wednesday: 12-1 Importance of eyes in animation with ed hooks.

Let us know which ones you’ll be in and maybe we can meet before class and go together.


Oh wow, I don’t know if I would go to the digital painting tutorial on Monday… I have heard some …Oh, wait, I am the one giving that particular tutorial. :wink:

Now though, you have a chance to influence what you will see. Is there anything in particular you would like covered? I am getting all the ducks in line to hopefully ppresent something that will be of value and entertaining but am always willing to add something specific if asked ( and if I know how to do it)

You will at least get to see how I painted the creepy clown over in the 2d forum…

I am not actually sure what else I will be attending yet. Much will depend on if I survive Monday. :slight_smile:



Hey Don! :smiley:

Looking forward to it man I am a big fan of your drawings and paintings so no matter what you show i’ll leave that place happy.

Dont have much suggestions for the course. Up until now I used painter for all my thumbnail sketches and pose drawings but I am absolute beginner when it comes to painting , just hoping to see your workflow and learn from it.

See you there,


I am not sure which classes I will be attending…but I will post my schedule soon.


this one cant be missed:



There also a presentation by Jeremy Cantor on Thursday about animation in games. Im planning on going to that one.

Hey Ali, we should hook up. Shaba is walking distance from Moscone. Havent seen you since we met at the Blur party


Totally man ,

There is also a class from ed hooks on the importance of eyes in animation , you going to that?


I am going to both of those.

every now and again we have Ed out to Microsoft and it is always a great session.


Hi all,

Does anyone know exaclty what classes/lectures are included in the expo pass? It says five introductory conference lectures. Is there a way to find out?



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