What books to get?


Hi, I have bought some dvd’s and i pretty much know most of the modelling tools only I still have a hard time creating good topology and seeing in my mind how i will want the stuff to go… is there any good books that you can recommend that will help me to learn organic modelling better ?


Best idea would be to get Anatomy books to learn form and then for topology look at as many wires from other peoples models as possible…


hmm so there aren’t any good books over this topic ?


MrJames is right. anatomy books, or references of what youll model, or even designs will help a lot more than a book on topology. ( after all, 95% of us learned topology through actually modelling and putting it into practice. as well as sharing pictures of our wireframes, and comparing them to other artists wireframes. see how hey handle specific areas of a model.

dont be affraid to start from the beginning on a certain model, especially if you see a way to improve it the second time around. i would recommend on starting with boxes and defining the overall volumes, and then dividing that up and arranging the detail to how you like.

good topology never made a model look good, thats why you should focus on things like form/volume first. a models topology can later be rebuilt anyway, using tools like silo, etc.

if you are still curious about wireframes, your best bet is to do a search for “wireframe”.


cheers :slight_smile:


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