What are your favourite apps for texturing?


What do use for making texture maps? Spit it out!

Here is my list :

  • Photoshop 7.0
  • Deep Paint 3D v2.0
  • Painter Classic

and a WACOM of course :thumbsup:


BodyPaint right now.


I use Photoshop mainly, sometimes Illustrator, and sometimes 3dsmax for baking, or rendering geometry to start a bump map.



photoshop for painting/retouching/final-fix-ups of texture pages.
studiopaint for painting on 3d models, fixing seams, etc. and it feels more natural than photoshop for digital painting as well.

everything is wacom-enabled of course. :wink:


Alias Studiopaint? Are you running an SGI for that?

I own licenses of Deep Paint and BodyPaint and Photoshop. But I tend to do all my texturing in Photoshop. Deep Paint I find quite frustrating at times, while BodyPaint truly rocks, but I’m just so used to painting in 2D that I find Photoshop the most efficient solution.


leigh: yes, i’m using an octane2 more or less exclusively for running spaint as a second machine at my desk.

i do not like deep paint, too. had to use that one at a past workplace - terrible stuff at times. bodypaint r2 is quite a nice replacement - but my main problem with those specialized 3d painters is that they lack too much in the general painting department for my taste. which definitely is not true for spaint which is a good hybrid solution.


Mmmm…i have not had the time to try out Bodypaint, but some folks here at work say it is good…so i might give it a try.And now i read the same from you…do they have a demo or something? A mate in CGTALk told me it’s coming only embedded with Cinema4D? is he correct?

Leigh : How about a nice…texture making program review? [ hint! hint! ] like the one you did for texturing art some time ago? I really loved that.

Has anyone here tried Zbrush 2.0 ? I saw a couple of screenshots at their site the other day …it seems a bit expensive though!

Btw…i forgot to mention that i am using Deeppaint 1.5 ( with texture weapons ), so i havent tried yet the 2.0 version.Is it any good?

I am mainly interested in painting Solid Modells ( buildings, Machinery,etc )…so what do you suggest of the above?My experience with 3D painters is well…0 :). Even in DeepPaint i just use it to make bump maps and glossiness etc and then export it in max to compose in one shader, never used the 3D functionality.


for non-organic models i do not see a need for 3d painting - maybe except for the occasional seam-fixing.
body paint is available as a standalone app aswell btw. and they have a full-featured demo downloadable from their site as well. last time i looked it was pretty competitively priced against deep paint.

as for zbrush: for texturing i’m not really impressed but that is probably because it feels still a little alien to me. i haven’T been able to achieve any other look than the typical bumpy plastic looking stuff without additional retouching in photoshop.


that’s not true … there are 2 types of installation …

  1. the BP module for c4d owners (then bodypaint integrates into the app seamless)
  2. the standalone version with xchange plugins for lw, max, maya. in this version you have only the paint related tools and wont see c4d at all :slight_smile: … okay the standalone version uses the c4d renderer for the revolutionary raybrush technique where you can paint/texture in raytraced images! … but standalone means it’s especially for users like you they don’t own c4d (what a pity you should take a look at c4d r9!!!:slight_smile: … goto www.bodypaint3d.com and get the (standalone-)demo



I dont really paint my own textures I usually take photos of the ones I need but when I cant find somthing in real life I will have a shot at painting a texture …usually not good but I try

I use Photoshop And ((somtimes)) Paint shop if im on the old computer the workflow is virtually the same I think. I do like PSPs Brushes Smoke and sponge are good and also the hard strokes are handy but nothing that Adobe couldn’t do easily :slight_smile: soon im gonna give corel painter a try and maybe bodypaint dunno …hope so :wink: I love em all :stuck_out_tongue:


So the majority of texture artists is photoshop eh?

Only one here using an exotic program is GIJOE… :slight_smile: Btw…how can someone use painter for making texturing? Well…for cartoonish texture-look is ok …but for photoreal?


Thats what ima use corel painter for…if I ever get ma hands on it :slight_smile: ya couldn’t use it for photoreal I dont think only for artistic or NPRS and things like that but im not really sure I only really know that certain people use it for textures and such.

paint shop pro I think is quite good I beleive the dell workstations now come with a trial of it R summin its got quite a power full interface when put into the right hands it can certainly do more than touch up the family portraits if ya know what I mean and without the 4 figure price tag :surprised

but I dont use any of em often only if I make a banner or sig or whateva…and of course if there is that somthing I just cant get from ma camera im a Digital Camera boy :stuck_out_tongue:

Gimme PhotoGraphed textures and planar mapping any day :smiley:


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