What are you missing when it comes to modelling inside C4D?


Dear Artists,

We are the The Great Summit, the creators of the Meshboolean plugin for C4D. We are currently working on the next release and already have some great features ready. When we started this plugin we got a lot of great help from this community to get the plugin where it is right now. So why not ask you guys again for some tips:)

Currently the Meshboolean is a way to work easier with boolean operations, we like to expand it and implement features that would help modelling in general. So here a couple of questions:

  • What modelling operations are currently clumsy or not easy to do?
  • What is the biggest thing you miss inside C4D when it comes to modelling?
  • Are you a current Meshboolean user, what can be improvement about our current version.

If you are unfamiliar with the Meshboolean plugin, go here to see some information about it.
The Great Summit


I’ve never understood why I can’t just cut and paste selected polys like in LightWave 3D.


Looks good :thumbsup:

Q: How do you bevel the interior edges ?


Does the clone tool do what you want? It is really a cut/paste system with many options.


Hi, look at this plugin:


Looks good :thumbsup:

Q: How do you bevel the interior edges ?

If you use primitive objects you can use the fillet option to get the bevel in there while it stay parametric. You can also adjust the mesh like you would to with a normal bevel command and it will update in the plugin Hope this helps!


Nice! good questions and solution, :slight_smile:


I use Perfect Split. But what I really mean is I don’t understand why it isn’t simply a function of C4D (Cmd-C, Cmd-V). Seems so logical once you’ve used it elsewhere.


Auto-retopology. If you could port the free Instant Meshes toolset to C4D, that would be amazing. 3D Coat & Houdini have done so already.



Also - when working with CAD data I regularly run into situations like this, where I need to merge these two objects and make them seamless. The topology is often a lot messier than than this - with more points on top or bottom, with triangles, etc - but you get the idea. It’d be amazing if there were some miraculous way to seamlessly merge these two objects without having to get out the Polygon pen tool and manually stitch them together. If the walls were thicker, I might try bringing them into Houdini for a VDB merge, but they’re often paper thin.


Interesting! We will look it to it! thanks!


Adjacent selections - softimage style.

Tool specific hotkeys, like you can do in Modo.
For example, bevel tool -> adjust subdivisions on scroll wheel and adjust offset on ctrl + scroll wheel.
And then another hotkey to toggle between chamfer and solid etc.

Would really speed up modelling in c4d.


When it comes to modeling I stick to Blender 3D, there are things I can’t renounce and make the modeling experience so much faster.
For instance, turn polys into a circle and I know there’s a script for C4D, but this in Blender is part of a set of tools which makes the workflow just better.

Or the possibility to separate part of the geo, create new geometry as if I were drawing in Illustrator, creating lines, subdividing them and connecting them in order to create to polys:


Another vote for instant meshes

Sketchup type of modeling for building and other boxy stuff

But the ultimate model design would be this
http://www.dgp.toronto.edu/~shbae/ilovesketch.htm which can be developed for/from this https://labs.maxon.net/?p=2968 witha good fillet/bevel tool with variable radius, remaining editable if the user chooses it.


doesn’t the bridge tool do this?


Unless I miss something, the bridge tool in C4D works only on edge-to-edge, not on the whole edge loop. But maybe I’m wrong.
Also, in the gifs I posted there are other neat features. For instance, you can create geometry connecting two points, or even place single points in space and connect them later(I didn’t show the latter in the gifs though).
Or you can duplicate or add geometry in the edit mode, again I don’t think that’s possible in C4D, but please, correct me if I’m wrong. The way I do it in C4D is by connecting two geometries first.


There is Stitch & Sew tool in C4D which make it. Just hold shift while bridging edges.


To get back to my earlier suggestion.
Here a video of it and imo the #1 reason Modo is still the best modeller (it’s not its tools, it’s the speed you can work in).



With the risk of going a little OT (sorry in that case), I don’t think Stitch & Sew is quite the same thing. After using it, one edge loop disappears and there’s no option to tweak what in Blender is called twist.
Anyway, maybe I’ll start another thread if necessary, the point is, many other parts of the workflow are not there. I would love to see the same workflow in C4D, it’s the only reason I have to switch to another 3D software when the modeling task is a little more demanding. Oh, and the unwrapping scenario, but that’s definitely OT :slight_smile:


Its really annoying to model in C4D, although It has some nice tools like the knife, the interface is a mess: Solo button is not very good (three clicks and in maya just press ctrl+1), you cant hide polygons, frame all doesnt work all the time (maya use a smart frame one button “f” wich automatically switchs based on your selection), move local / along normal is hidden in the options menu of the transform tool, sometimes you need to select an object, sometimes you change to paint selection, or rectangle, too many clicks for everyday actions. In maya if you click is single selection, if you press hold it draws a rectangle. Simple as that. To snap to a grid, first you activate the snap, then you select the grid, again, Maya just press X.

And thats the basics of modeling, is a little annoying workflow that wont change no matter how many tools they add over time. I had to redo my entire shortcut, but I got problems with plugins like Cycles because of it, and please dont mention Magic Solo. It has a bug with x-particles, when you use magic solo, all your particle emitters get deactivated.