What are you building, Stark?, Victor Hugo Queiroz (3D)


Title: What are you building, Stark?
Name: Victor Hugo Queiroz
Country: Brazil
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay, ZBrush


So, I can’t believe that I’ve finished this one! hahaha! The original idea was to reproduce one of the “Armor Wars” cover, but it looks that I’ve changed a little my mind during the project. This one was a awesome challenge, because I’ve never modeled a car and neither an Iron Man armor (ok, I didn’t modeled exactly the movie armor, but something, ahn… “between”). Another good challenge was to give some tries on 3ds max Hair and Fur - and damn, it is quite impressive! =)

I would like to thanks to my friends at TechnoImage for the tips, and for my beloved wife for helping me with some tips too and of course, for her pacience! =D

Soon I’ll share some details and WIPs!
Hope you all like it!

(oh, and don’t forget to check it out my blog for a HR version!)

“Tony Stark was able to build this in A CAVE! With a BOX OF SCRAPS!”
-Obadiah Stane




beautiful work :slight_smile:


as always o/


You did again… Great scene!


awesome! :slight_smile: nice details!


Excellent! I would definitely like a bottle of Aperture Science beer! :smiley:

I know you’re done with it, but it would be really cool to see a version at night - with just his chest & a couple of artificial lights illuminating the scene.

Great work!


Thanks for your comments guys! Here’s some models from the scene (and the scene itself)- the armor and the car was made in 3ds max using some concepts from reference, and Tony was modeled in ZBrush! Soon I’ll post about my light setup and the hair creation process! =)


I’ve also made this explanation for Zbrush central, it talks a little about Tony’s creation process - hope you guys like it and feel free to ask! =)


Amazing! In my opinion it was the best scene that ever you created.
Hugs :bowdown:


A big WOW! on this! amazing, love your style, good expression and lighting, I’ll wait for you to talk a little more about the hair process, hair and fur modifier right? Cheers.


Hah! Thanks dude! (btw, I’ve saw your PM, but ain’t got time to answer it properly!)
The hair process isn’t that complex - I’ve always tried to render the hair without need to apply it in post-production, so this time I’ve decided to work with 3dsmax Hair And Fur, and damn, I’ve got some good surprises with it! Here’s a (bizarre) explanation about it! Hope it helps! =D


Really nice details, with a good feeling to the lighting as well. I like Stark’s Hamlet pose with the ‘skull’!


Great look and feel…Amazing atmosphere…:slight_smile:


lovely but cool guy,love it:)must get choice award again


Thanks benhartnett, DushyantArT & Xiaoyu for comment!

I’ve made this another (bizarre) explanation, now talking a little about my light setup and about some references! =)


Interesting light setup, simple and very effective, the floor omnis gave you good variety of reflection around the scene :slight_smile:
-What about the chest and helmet shaders? Simple vray materials in hand w/hdri environment?
-Can you show us a render before post?
-What was the hardest thing you had to deal with in this particular scene?

Thnxs for share this amazing stuff. :smiley:


Hah! no need to thanks dude! One of the coolest part of a forum it’s the possibility to share this kind of info! =D

Here’s the shader that I’ve created for the armor! =)

The scene without post-production

And the hardest part (I’ve spent almost a week trying to solve it) was the Tony Skin… It was needed to be sweat (after a long day of work, you’re obviously sweat), so after many tests, here’s my solution - probably not the best one, but I think that it worked pretty well! =)


By far this is one of my favorites.

I have no words to tell you how much I appreciate your Kindness, Sharing your “secret techs” and giving us inspiration to being better.

Thanks for sharing!


awesome !!!