What are the Licensing Requirements/ Costs for Publishing Games made in UNITY/ UNREAL


Hey guys, I work for a government agency and we are developing cross platform interactive content. We were wondering about the ACTUAL cost of publishing games made with UNITY OR UNREAL specially considering that we are a goverment unit with no budget… (The COST will determine which engine we will supporting)

Any help would be appreciated.



I would imagine you would need an enterprise license given your use. Epic should be able to provide you with a quote for that.


It depends on how much money you make with UE. With Unreal you pay 5% when you make around 500,000 USD. Before that it is free. I guess they are really working on the honor system over there.


We are planning simple educational games to teach kids about IP. The idea would be that the games would be distributed pn both the Apple Store and the Android store for free.


In that example you would not owe Epic anything since the game is free.
For Unity there’s the software subscription but no additional costs beyond that.
The only costs for either if you’re publishing a free app on Android/IOS would be the developer accounts which are like $99 a year I think.


That’s incorrect, they charge 5% royalty each quarter on amounts above $3,000


We have decided to go with unreal, and a big part has to do with the licensing agreement.