What are the bets way to show your style?


I really like to wear various different stylish cloth and to show my experience to others, that is why I prefer to wear special cloth and Military Lapel Pins which is a top service where I can easily order special pins. These pins are so attractive, they are helping to add something special to your everyday style and help you to look fashionable. You can easily wear it with any of yours everyday cloth and accessories.


Thanks for idea! I like to wear various stylish clothes too. One day can wear just jeans and usual t-shirt, another day im like a Hollywood star :joy: All depends on the mood. And I agree about accessories. they are very important. Also, as for me, for girls very imporant in the look to have nice hair and nails. Nails usually Im doing just french manicure, which suits to any style (sport, business style clothing, evening dress). But cant choose a nice hairstyle for everyday which will suit to any style as french manicure. I dont want to spend a plenty of time for the styling hair every day. Any ideas of simple and nice haircuts?


Yes, very important to find what works for you. In any area of life. Would it be outfit, hairstyle, or anything another. It should suit you in any time. Of course, we do not wear every day an evening dress with heels. So I started to look for simple and nice medium length hairstyles online and found great ideas at https://glaminati.com/medium-length-hairstyles-long-thick-hair/ . So there can choose hairstyles which will suit you and for every day, and for big celebrations! Hope that you will find a way how to be!


OUTFITS are the best ways to showcase fashion and style.
Wearing what you like and making you comfortable is the style statement. It doesn’t matter whether it is retro or modern, wear what makes you happy and comfortable.
Afterall, it is always about the personal choices.