What are the best rendering softwares for Cinema 4d?



“What is the best car to buy?”

Without context both questions can’t be answered in a useful way.

What do you expect from a renderer?
What do you want to render?
What is your budget (Hard- and Software)?
What platform do you want to use (Windows / OS X)?

The more information you give the more helpful and to the point the answers will be.


I expect from a renderer the beautyful render,
I want to render pictures,
Good enough,


It will depend on what end image you want to achieve or if its animation or still.

Myself I use maxwell render for stills or cinemas physical render .

Both I can thoroughly recommend




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You don’t need to buy extra rendering software. You can use the built-in renderer.

If you outgrow that I suggest Octane. It is very fast and beautiful. It is easier than many. Pricing is great in that it is not only initially affordable but you don’t get killed with annual upgrades and other gotcha$.

Do not buy Octane unless you have a modern Nvidia graphics card…980/1070 or better.


Still images, animations? If you want to create animation, render speed becomes a significant consideration, for still images less so… hence Sreks questions…


Rather than create a separate thread, I thought I’d post this random question… here… "What’s the best free rendering software for Cinema 4D ? "… I’m asking this without thinking of the possibilities :D…


Built in Physical Renderer is very good for your purposes most likely. Won’t be the fastest but you should be able to get pleasing results.


I would suggest Keyshot for stills which works on both Windows and Mac.


Need much more detail otherwise your going to get answers that include what each individual prefers rather than if its of any use for you. If the built in render engines are not doing what your after then you need to state why, and what your target is.

All render engines can produce nice renders if the person behind it knows what they are doing and they have a good knowledge of surfacing and lighting, and of course the objects in the scene are well made.

So I will tell you why I choose the render engine I use as a example, and maybe you can go from there to think about what your aim is.

I choose Vray because I like to render characters and it has the best and fastest skin materials available other than Arnold. It also has a very good hair material so this covers thoes things. Its physical accurate lighting with GI on does not take a huge hit on render times. This render engine is much faster than C4D native render engine for these things. I purchased this when it was on offer, it had 10 render nodes which is a investment for the future when I get more machines, Arnold at the time was a option when it was perpetually sold but it was a much more expensive option. Vray has been used in many high end movies, and has been very well implemented into C4D. Its sold perpetually which is a huge thing for me because I can’t stand these rent schemes.

C4D native render engine is more than capable of rendering beautiful images, but falls short in its render times with GI, and its Skin material for realistic, fast skin rendering. Being that nodes have been added in R20 it opens up more possibilities, and will continue to be a good in build solution until Pro Render matures.



Luxrender is free not sure what its like?

Cycles within blender is a good choice, seem nice renders from that, the C4D version is not free. I heard that Octaine was at some point going to offer a free tier version, not sure when though.



My favorite is Indigo, it just lacks a complete realtime view atm