What are the best places to eat close to the convention center...


What are the best places to eat around the convention center.



Well, it ain’t pretty…

This is based on my recollection from SIGGRAPH 2001, so some thing may have changed, but I doubt by much.

The area immediately around the convention center is pretty industrial, so you won’t find much, if anything close. Of course, you can get expensive and poor quality food within the convention center. I think the next nearest places were 8 or 9 blocks away toward downtown.

I hope someone, who knows the area better, might know of something I missed and give you a better answer, but I wouldn’t get my hopes up too much.


I concur there’s not much in the way of “best places” right around the LACC. When down there we sometimes go to the 7th Street Market Place (apparently now called 7th + Fig), which has a California Pizza Kitchen:

7 + Fig

It might be around a 10-15 min walk from the LACC.

Other places are the big hotels. Some other places are around 5th and Figueroa and Grand but that’s a bit more of a walk especially if you are tight for time.


I don’t know how near the convention center this is (any L.A.‘ers help me out?), but I am totally psyched to be gettin’ some California Pizza Kitchen again! For anyone who’s never been, this is some really tasty food. (some purists might not call it “pizza,” but it’s still scrumptious) Not only their pizzas, but their soups, too… I’m planning on at least a couple visits to CPK during my stay. :slight_smile:

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It’s just like half a mile. Not very far. Of course with the heat and whatever stuff you are carrying (laptop, exhibtion floor swag, books, etc., plus waiting for the lights) it’s not exactly around the corner. I think 15 min. tops walking distance (and in a straight line).


CPK is cool.

Since the trip to siggraph is straining my budget, I will be bringing up my cooler of sandwich fixin’s.


I haven’t been to SIGGRAPH for a few years, but last time I was there (SIGGRAPH '99) There was a great breakfast place down the street from the convention center called The Pantry. If you’re facing the convention center, it’s to the right. Down toward the Hotel Figureoa, as I recall. It might be closed, or I might be wrong, or it might not be as good as I recall. All I remember is, I ate there for cheap and I wasn’t hungry for a good part of the day after a breakfast at The Pantry.


The pantry is ok, its really a greasy spoon, but it fills the stomach.

I mentioned this in a few other thread. The best place I found is to take one of the siggraph busses to the Westin Bonventure Hotel (4 tube shaped glass buildings that Arnold is racing his horse through and up the elevator in True Lies). There are about 15 or so resturants inside. Everything from subway to take out chinese to expensive steak.


I remember a Denny’s a few blocks out from the Convention Center. Hopefully it’s still there so that I can crank up my cholesterol…



There is/was also a Subway near the Bonaventure. In '01 we’d fast on powerbars all day then go get a Subway for cheap dinner.


Ok if your looking for fast food and can make it to Adams and Figueroa St. There are a ton of fast food chains. Mc Donalds, Subway, Pizza Hut, Burger King, Carls JR (hardees to you on the east coast) Jack In the Box, Taco Bell (but if you like them you’ll love King Taco better) El Polo Loco 9awsemo fast food chicken, like Ya Ya’s to you in Florida).

But if your looking for a change of scenery and can make it to Hollywood, go there. They have The Old Spagettie Factory (great food and a awesome price but the service SUCKS!! This place from what I have heard is where they hold casting parties after a movie wraps up!) The Cat n The Fiddle, Pig N Whistle $$, Cafe Des Artiste $$ (good lunch), and more!!
And if you are looking for veggies and a market to eat and walk, I recommend Hollywoods Farmers Market.

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Is there an ‘In & Out Burger’ nearby? Those are the tastiest burgers bar none!

The ‘Baja Taco Stand’ was awesome too. I have never been downtown so I am uncertain if there is one there but its the best place for a quick, fresh burrito.


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