What are 5 best books to learn how to be better at Photoshop


Again for a community on getting better and an ever growing number of students and beginners, what would be some great books that some of you could possibly name to help with rendering shapes in Photoshop?

It could be just a few or maybe even just one that helped you along with understanding and practicing your fundamentals.

I will list my Ultimate book that helped me with rendering and understanding all of my FUNDAMENTALS which was How to Draw by Scott Robertson.

It helped me and I’m sure it could help some of you looking to get better at your fundamentals, but what are a few books that helped you all out along your path at becoming a better artist in Photoshop?


Photoshop is such a versatile program and is capable of so many things, it really depends on what you’re using it for. Photo retouching, graphic design, drawing, painting, etc. It’s hard to say what are the 5 best books to cover everything, but for me, the “Photoshop One-On-One” books by Deke McClelland really helped me learn the fundamentals of the program and taught me a little bit about everything.

Also, I agree with your mention of Scott Robertson. I love his Youtube channel.


Hi, books are very important but for specific things I prefer to search the solution by the network. I find it easier and faster. Anyway if I have a couple of books in my bookstore, but they are basic books of Spanish editions.
Regards from spain from all isanlab team


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