What am i?, Balázs Pápay (3D)


Title: What am i?
Name: Balázs Pápay
Country: Hungary
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay

Hello Everybody,

Another piece of my work what I would like to share with you. I hope you will enjoy it!

The model was created in 3dsMAX, rendered with Vray. All the textures in Photoshop.


very nice, good idea and presentation


ouh! I really like it! Its a really good idea…successfully carried out: nice model, nice render.

:thumbsup: Good work!


some details


Wow wow wow!
Can’t really crit this one…
I love the idea! :eek:

niiiiiiiceee job! :thumbsup:



greate idea. Very artistic.
Techicue is greate - all those details are amazing!!
Very very good work!!


5 star. I thing it will be put on the frontpage!


updated image, the glass was wrong in the hand.


very well made scene. not sure if you had a steam punk inspiration but it feels like it to me.
5/5 man…
also… love the gears in the head.


Amazing work! Great concept and
lots of details and amazing materials
and rendering. This really looks phantastic.


Just wow! I love this theme and style :slight_smile:



great image, very artistic feel to it. well done *5


Wow, that is a fantastic idea, and you’ve carried it out beautifully! :slight_smile:
May I ask why in the new render, the way hes holding the glass, looks like it could fall out of his hand as its not supported properly? Yet, even though the glass looks better, in the first image, the way he was holding it was more belivable?


I like the idea and style you choose for its presentation. I think the way he/she/it is holding the glass was better in previous render. 5 stars anyway


right! image is updated.the holding is the first one, and the direction of the glass is good now.
thank you!


I agree this is definetely great, it reminds me of that robot played by Robin Williams.

CGaward winning mat


A nice work again, Balazs!!!

Congratulations, really nice, artistic idea. :thumbsup:


that is amazing!!from the concept to the execution, all around a 5* work!


Very nice work… 5* :thumbsup:


I love your style and originality through-out all of your pieces, great work!