what about these


heres some low poly even lower tex mem environments (i.e 512x512) maps fo rmank scene.
please crit.


40k Polys for that ally… hmmm… i think its a bit much for a game. Do you have a wireshot of that (to say where you can optimize more)

Rain and Sun… the situation you made is extremly rare and uncommon… maybe because we see much more rainy days with diffuse light. And because this is a game-scene you should work with archetypes… gray sky, no hard shadows, diffuse light.


up here in the north of england, we expereince quite alot of rain, often patchy, the sun tends to come out when it is still raining, anyway this is a WIP I just added the rain and sun cos it was doing that at the time outside my window (it was spring when i rendered this,the fogs crap too). But i heed your point i think perhaps some clouds half obscuring the sky/sun might illustrate tyhe weather better.

Im more interested in crit on the modelling with this scene as the set up was just after thought.

the ally way scene is designed to get cool lines with the stairs and detailed windows, which is why 40k poly, i was kind of thinking about a fixed camera based game like resi evil. but after postin i dont think its very good very hard to get good shots of it which would be important for the game i had in mind. i have been thinking that i might make this into a more vertically inclined courtyard type scene with one set of steps and better use of the detail i have here, its too spraed out and you cant appreciate it from fixed perspective.

cheers for the crit


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