What about shaders like these for maya?


what about http://www.mray-materials.com/ when will this be open?


Thanks Julian you also did a great job as well, we really had a hard work days nonstoping doing it ut is worth.

Guys, thanks for you kind words and lets make My Mental Ray grow and make it better.

ghostlake114, well yes is disabled in did, if we aplly it the bottom won´t be center aligned, but i see your point.

I told you would have be patiente :wink:


Freakin’ great work on that site! looks incredible, and very user friendly. So glad to see something like this for the mental ray community.


You guys rock. Seriously. Thank You.


Yeah, It s best view with 1280 up… 1024x768 and under will not have the vertical scroll

I am really impressed by the amount of work you did… but the category of shader and tutorial, I think it needs to re-categorize


Thanks guys for all your hard work! This site will be a true help for all of us! And it realy looks amazing!

Thanks again!


Thanks for each and everyone :slight_smile:


Holy crap! Congrats! Never thought the site would turn out to be as professional-looking as it is. Ive spotted a couple of typos that Im sure you know about but lets not dwell on them :slight_smile: Seriously, this is a a much-needed, long-overdue wealth of clear, concise Mentalray info.




great work julian! :thumbsup:

and for the mray-materials we hope to make it work for the end of the year :slight_smile:


fantastic website! i cant wait to scour it and see what more i can learn…! minor thing, the resources tonemapping link isnt a link :wink:


Thank you everyone for your support. :slight_smile:
It has been great working on this site for you guys.

ghostlake114 you are right about being able to get those tutorials internally in mental ray, The problem is, that is not easy to get them from the artist sometimes, but I am trying to get as many as I can. That way we all know the tutorials will always be there and they will not disappear into hyperspace.

dagon1978 Thank you. just one more place for you to have fun, and hopefully one more place for us to learn from you.

JeffPatton Thank you for your words of support it mean a lot to us.

With all the respect I have for CGtalk, I will start a new thread so people will know about the opening of the site. I just want to apologies before hand, because I don’t want to look like I am saturating the forum. I just thought this was the best place to post the first announcement.

Thank you everybody.


Some people might already know about this but for what its worth there is a stack of hidden Mental rRay for Maya Doc’s in;


I dunno if its been mentioned before but it can’t hurt posting it again.


Comon, where are you guys??? Tell me that this project is still alive!
Count me in!




anyone got a copy of jeffs obj model? or even better if anyone has it as a mb/ma file? :slight_smile:
or if anyone know if its at mymental ray etc? havent been able to locate it so far :frowning:


Thanks guys for all your hard work!

And great job jullian!


I would like have it, too. Anyone got it?


Progress? Is this thread dead?


soon… soon sooner that you think :slight_smile:



Really soon :wink: wait…


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