What about shaders like these for maya?


I just saw THIS SITE today, and got me thinking, why there isnt a library of shaders simmilar to this for maya and/or renderman_for_maya.

Ive seen some shaders in highen3d, but not even denfo’s shaders are as good as these.

I know they are prosedural, but i think shaders like these can help texture on many projects that can use generic texturing without having to create them manually.

I would just like to use that mud, grass and the liquid shaders they have T_T

If someone knows of shaders like these for maya please post the links here =B even a tool for making shaders for maya qould be nice.


Sure It would be interesting to create some shaders like that with MR :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ll try to "re"create some and share them asap :slight_smile:

It should very interesting a post as “MR SHADERS LIKE VRAY” :stuck_out_tongue:


That chainmail looks totally impossible. That grass would be impossible to render as displacement on most machines… Even cooler if all of these are purely procedural. Browsing that site (view all, sort according to rating, start on 1) I’m just drooling all the way…
Can V-ray-for-Maya do all this too?



is the chainmail impossible to do with an alpha ?
I guess that’s shaders are incompatible with Vray for maya :confused:


it look like a copy of this one http://mxmgallery.maxwellrender.com/ :stuck_out_tongue:
the “test scene” too, but many materials are great, i agree…


How many people would be interested in this if i make a site like that, and host it?



Sounds great to me.


why not? :thumbsup:


go for it man! MR could sure do with some better organization for people to share there shaders for it. Only site that barely comes close to both those vray, maxwel shader sites is highend3d.


is the chainmail impossible to do with an alpha ?

Well, those links seem round in cross-section… and they seem to overlap. Perhaps it’s just an illusion. But I’ll buy a pitcher of beer to anyone who manages to pull that off in MR, to that quality. :slight_smile:


Yeah it looks like… voxels or something. That’s impressive!


ok. Ill make a site and host it.

Now, for a small competition. Post some models for Maya 7 & 8 here with some lightning setup and base white shader, the best one will be used for rendering reference. Model has to be simple, has to look similar to Maxwell-Vray model but not the same.


it’s just an illusion :wink: i downloaded this shader to see how it work, and it’s not so impressive :stuck_out_tongue: eheh 2 png textures (1 for displace, 1 for reflect/opacity(=reflection in vray)), fine displace and veeeeeery slow rendertimes, even with vray :stuck_out_tongue:


ok, first steps done.



way to go!
wanted to propose the same thing when i saw vray-materials and was blown away by some of the stuff …
now lets come up with some nice suggestions for a test scene
(i think it needs 1 or 2 maya 8 arealights , an ibl and some reference colors should be enough, some geometry where you can see the behavior of the material on flat surfaces,curved surface, lit surface, backlight, transparency … basically the stuff the vray thing has :slight_smile: )


… me too Ozren :slight_smile:


Let’s get some moment going. This sounds like a great idea Ozren!


Wonderful Idea, Porting many of those shaders wouldnt be too hard, and making our own could prove great. However a default object to put it onto and render would be a must, its going to be great.


I love you ozren. I’m a mental ray noob so I can’t contribute really but I will love to see this take off.


I for one would love this resource and would be happy to contribute any shaders we use.