what 3d software made this?


Hey guys, i want create such kind of videos, is it 3ds max or other soft? Please help


Every major 3D software can easily create something like this - Max, Maya, Cinema4D, Blender.

Its impossible to tell which 3D soft this was made with because the animation is so simple - every major 3D software can create animations like this without a problem.

If you are a complete beginner, Cinema4D is the easiest 3D soft to learn.

If you have no money, try learning Blender - its free to use.


Ty man for your opinion,i can make the same animation with 3ds max, but i would like something with faster rendering…


How fast something renders depends a lot more on the expertise of the user than the specific render engine.


If you have a decent GPU, Redshift may help you get faster renders in Max: