what 3d program is used for startrek episodes


I am just curious to know what 3d program is used for the startek enterprise series or other space series. Anyone know?


great question i’m also curious as to who creates the 3d


wow, that didnt take long for someone to reply to this post. Took like a whole 10 seconds, lol


i believe its lightwave and maya. i know for sure it used to be lightwave



John Gross of Eden FX has worked on projects consisting of some of the hottest shows on TV today including, Enterprise, Smallville, Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, Angel, Star Trek: Voyager, and SeaQuest DSV. John has this to say about LightWave 3D: “The number one most useful feature of LightWave® is the ease of use and the speed at which we can turn out work. The features…that have helped our productivity the most are character animation tools, Graph Editor, and the new slew of modeling capabilities. What I like best about LightWave® is that it feels right. It’s not arcane science and command lines, but more like a real studio.”



Foundation, Eden and all the others…all Lightwave.


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