WFCam4D Plugin - Fisheye (and other wide fieldprojections) rendering plugin


Hi all,
Would like to show you a new plugin for C4D we have been developing for some time now, and which is almost finished (will be in the next few days).
This is part of the set of tools that we, at Navegar Foundation, are developing directed at digital planetarium (or immersive cinemas or whatever you might decide call them) content producers.
(You might remember this previously )

[b]WFCam4D is basically a post effect rendering plugin that lets you render directly in fisheye, panoramic or several other projections.
[/b][b]-Azimuthal Equidistant (Fisheye)[/b]

           [b]-Azimuthal Equidistant off-axis (Fisheye-offaxis)[/b]





           [b]-Vertical Perspective[/b]

           [b]-Cylindrical (Panoramic) Equal Area, Equiditant, Center.[/b]

This is usefull for those who need to produce and project allsky video (180x360) for example,  produce allsky lightdomes or panoramas (etc). I think many of you will find this usefull. Some images and videos:

Fisheye projection, 180º

[/b]Fisheye projection, 360º

Aitoff (360º)

Cylindrical Equidistant (panoramic, 180ºx360º)

Videos (techsmith codec):
1 - Simple plugin functionality (~6.5MB avi)
2 - 5 sec animation of image number one (fisheye projection)

Will give more information in the next days, as we get this ready.
Best Regards,
Luis Calçada

Note: Sponza Palace model by Marko Dabrovic[size=1]. (out of curiosity, check this thread :D)

[size=2]Edit, 20.04.2006:
[/size][/size]See Page two. The plug in has been released. You can visit for more info, download demo or purchase.


Ooo, fun stuff! Any idea on pricing yet?


Hi kico82,
WFCam4D will be sold at €50.



this is looking very nice :slight_smile:
would it be possible to alter the plugin so we can render out with distortion?
that would be awesome!



Hi basti,
Thanks! But i´m not following. What do you mean “with distortion”? You mean instead of rendering through, say, azimuthal equidistant projection, rendering with some kind of noise funtion? Is that it?






hi luis,

sorry i wasn’t clear enough. i meant lens-distortion. as i’m working alot with cg combined with liveaction footage there are many shots which use a wide angle lens and heavy lens distortion. to make cg elemts fit exactly you’ll either need to undistort the imagesplane or distort the rendering. there are tools to undistort the plate images or distort the rendering there’s of course a quality factor and the images get blurred a bit (which will be visible in hdtv or featurefilm).
rendering with a given lensdistortion would solve these quality problem :slight_smile:

there’s a lot of information available on the net … also source code etc to script little tools for undistortion.

i hope it’s a bit clearer now,


basti :slight_smile:


That would indeed be awesome… and welcomed by many doing work integrating renderings into film and HD plates. The best example is probably this XSI lens shader from la maison. It is based on the 3D-Equalizer model… and there are links to the math/code etc… :

PS. FinalRender stage-2 for C4D also has a great implementation of this kind of functionality.


Hi basti and chris_b,
Thank you for the heads up guys. This is something we´ll definetly look in to. I´ll keep you posted.



Really great !! :wink:


hi luis,

that plug-in looks very nice and i’ll definately check it out but i would like to chip in and say that i too would also be interested in a plug-in that can be used to add/remove lens distortion to a render.

russ andersson also has a page where he discusses the lens distortion from his syntheyes motion tracker here:

although there are also the photoshop plug-ins based on panorama tools that i know photographers use a lot:

cheers, simon w.


Hi Simon, thank you for the interest and the links.
This was certainly a feature we overlook, as we developed this tool with other kind of users in mind. But given the structure of the plugin we developed, adding further camera models to it is extremelly simple, and seeing some much interest in this we already started looking into it. I can say that this will be in the final version of the plug.

Thank you all for the input. I´ll keep you posted on this


Hi Luis,

Does WFCam4D support multipass renderign, Sketch and Toon, and object buffer?


Hi renderhigh,
WFCam4D works correctly with multipass and object buffer. With Sketch and Toon we havent tested it yet. Will let you know about this soon.


AO pass:

Shadow pass:

Post effect pass (cube1, object buffer #1 Glow)



Perhaps you also mean “orthographic” camera?


hi duderender,

no i just meant rendering with lens distortion which is currently not possible in c4d. othographic renderings can be done with parallel cameras in c4d.

basti :slight_smile:


Thank you for uploading many samples. Great!
When I talk to about this plugin, My friend is excited. He is making a movie for planetarium. He really want it ASAP.


Hi renderhigh,
Glad to know your friend is interested in our plug. Let him know that we are in the final stages, keep looking here for more info.
By the way, for which planetarium is he producing?



Nice tip. I’ve been trying to use the extra cameras in finalrender which offer what mt_sabao’s plugin will offer those without fR.



Look forward to seeing the new plugin. Love these types of distorted images.