We've made a new plugin for cinema 4D, hope you like it!


Hi guys!

We might have something that you guys would like. Maybe!

We’ve created a plugin called the PBR Texture Manager for Cinema 4D :zap:. You can store all your textures and import them with a single click. There is support for all major render engines.

We keep on updating and improving with the help of you guys. Our latest update includes the ability to create rendered thumbnails of your materials in which you can see all your materials and pick out the perfect one for your scene.

Please send us your comments so we can keep on improving your workflow!

Check out the plugin here :blush:


Looks great!


I work with a team at a small studio. We’re looking for a way to share materials between each other, ideally using our server to store the library of materials (We haven’t had much luck in getting C4D’s Content Browser to work). Would your plugin work for such a scenario?


@cmyk yes the plugin is perfect for this, since all textures are loaded from the server. If you add a new texture on the server it will update on all workstations :blush:.


This is really useful – I didn’t realise how many PBR textures I’d accumulated before I started arranging them in Texture Manger folders.

It needs a few issues fixing (like Specular levels and GGX vs Beckmann, which I’ve reported), and it’d be great to be able to make a folder preview on a per-material basis – rather than having to render every single folder, every single time you add. a new material. But it’s definitely a huge time saver.


Hi @Darth_Mole :blush:

Firstly, thank you for the compliments and positive feedback.

FYI, we’re taking reported issues very seriously, and will try to fix this when updating. For any updates and information about the plugin you can also follow us on instagram: @thegreatsummit. Here we post all updates and news about our plugin. Again thank you for your comment and email!


great tool thanks!

are there plans to support Redshift 3 nodes? For me if I have RS set to “use node materials” the create material just creates a default gray RS material. It works fine if I am using the old xpresso RS mats.

And a request - would it be possible to set a default render engine? Every time I click to create material I forget to change it to Redshift and need to do it again. Not a huge prob obviously, but would be a nice little thing.


“Would it be possible to set a default render engine?”

Already requested this! Gets me every time.


Hi @mikeh64,

At the moment there is no python API for the new node system inside C4D. So it’s not possible to create this at the moment. Maxon promised to make this and we hope to see it in R22. if correctly the plugin will always use the render engine that is selected inside C4D. Is this not working for you?

Let us know!

P.S. for more technical support please contact us via The Great Summit email: info@thegreatsummit.com


Hi @Darth_Mole,

If correctly the plugin will always use the render engine that is selected inside C4D. Is this not working for you?

P.S. for more technical support, please contact us via info@thegreatsummit.com


No, the menu pulldown always remains blank – even during the same session.


We have thousands of materials from various sources that this looks like a godsend. We have a small team as well where we share textures. If all of our texture libraries are on a server, it seems like each of us would need a license and build a library individually. Is it possible for 1 person to build a library and share it with everyone else so we are all looking at thumbnails of the same texture library?


Follow up question, can you have this work for Unity and Unreal textures as well? Like, I see us building a library for Cinema for Redshift and Unity first.


@Darth_Mole, please send us an email. Let’s have a look at this issue you’re having.


Hi @Troyan,

Because the texture manager is just looking at a file path with all your textures you can very easily share this with all your colleagues. At the moment the thumbnails will be created on the local machine. There is a way to also share the thumbnails. Contact us and we will explain it😊

For the follow up question:
It works with all image files, meaning if Unity exports textures you can use them again with the Texture manager

Have a nice day!